Back And Forth With Boozman

A disagreement over the right to marry

By Cody Davis
TFW Contributing Writer

Two or so months ago, I attended a meeting at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality’s Youth Equality Services. We were asked to write Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark., a letter.

I wrote, informing him of the hardships I went through as a gay male in Prairie Grove (a small, conservative town, for those of you who are unfamiliar). I also touched on the subject of gay marriage and how it affects me. I didn’t expect any word in return, but surprisingly I received a handwritten letter:

Dear Cody,
Thanks for your letter. I was saddened when reading your letter that you were treated in the manner that you were. There is no excuse for this. Everyone should be treated with respect.
In regard to gay marriage, I believe that we need to keep the same definition that we have had for thousands of years — that it is between a man and woman. I think this is best for society and is in agreement with the vast majority of Arkansans. Sorry we disagree.
Thanks for your letter.
John Boozman

Dear John,

If you haven’t noticed, society has clearly changed a good amount in the past thousands of years. Women couldn’t vote until 1920 and African-Americans were forced to attend separate schools until 1969. Notice a pattern? Yeah, me too; oppressive folks like you want to keep me from my rights even though the change would not alter your lifestyle in any way (besides having to deal with people like me trying to hammer this into your head).

If you have a problem with my lifestyle then don’t be a part of it; you have that freedom. Just because you have more power than me and we don’t share the same values does not mean you’re allowed to take away MY freedoms. I’m going to get it sooner or later, so why don’t you open your mind a bit and let society continue to evolve as it has since the beginning of time?

Thanks for your respect,
Cody Davis

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