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The OneUps game on
with ‘Intergalactic Redux’

By Richard Davis

TFW Staff Writer

The OneUps "Intergalactic Redux" CD release party will be April 22 at Smoke & Barrel in Fayetteville.

Manipulatable moving pixels never sounded so good before.

As a huge gaming nerd — I know, big shock, eh? — The OneUps with their jazzy funkolicious mix of tunes inspired by video games may be my favorite thing ever. The band will celebrate the release of its fourth album “Intergalactic Redux” Friday, April 22 at Smoke & Barrel Tavern in Fayetteville.

Don’t worry. Even if you’re not a fan of gaming and have never had the theme from “Super Mario Brothers” rattling around in your head, you’ll find the band provides all the groove you could ask for. There’s plenty of sonic treats here whether or not you know the difference between a Koopa Troopa and a Lakitu.

If you are a longtime gamer, get ready for some real treats. Personally, I can’t thank The OneUps enough for reviving memories of the “Castlevania” series by starting off “Intergalactic Redux” with their ripping “Curse of the Funk” tribute.
And if the excitement of a CD release isn’t enough for you, The Plaid Jackets and Sauce Pocket will perform that evening as well.

‘Intergalactic Redux’

1) “Curse of the Funk (This Place Is Dead Anyway)” from “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse”
2) “Bill and Lance, Soldier Trance” from “Contra”
3) “Space Warrior Sound Machine” from “Super Metroid”
4) “Mountain Fortress Delta VII” from “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”
5) “Space Bloq Soviet Fun Time” from “Tetris”
6) “Ain’t No Love Like Lewanda’s” from “ToeJam & Earl In Panic on Funkotron”

Bonus Round

Matt and Gus Smith will celebrate the release of "Full Circle" today (Thursday, April 21) at Smoke & Barrel.

The OneUps aren’t the only ones celebrating a CD release this weekend at Smoke & Barrel. Hot on the heels of his “Now or Never” release with the Matt Smith Group, Matt Smith and his father, Gus, will celebrate their latest collaboration on Thursday, April 21 at the tavern.

Packed with 11 tunes, “Full Circle” is billed as a “father and son guitar duel in a soothing yet aggressive manner.” I haven’t had a chance to listen to the album yet, but if it’s anything like what I saw when Matt was joined by his dad during the “Now or Never” party at Greenhouse Grille, it’s bound to be sensational.

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