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Remember as you are reveling in the gratitude of this Thanksgiving Day to share warmth and food with those around you. Food pantries such as the NWA Food Bank are always on a stressed level during the holiday season, and with the hard economic times, this year is no different. Pick up an extra can or jar on your way to the checkout line and drop it in the collection bin at the front of the store. Let’s make everyone’s holiday surprisingly nice.

Crystal Bridges Announces Opening

The long awaited announcement did not disappoint but rather sparked excitement and anticipation, although still a year away. Veterans Day 2011, or 11/11/11, will mark the opening of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. Such works as the 1797 Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington, 1943 Norman Rockwell “Rosie The Riveter” and the 1987 Andy Warhol of Dolly Parton will be on display amongst hundreds of other pieces of work. The collection is said to be impressive, and hopefully the admission will be a fair cost to allow all of our community to experience it.

Unemployment Benefits Not Extended

A bill projected to extend unemployment benefits to millions of U.S. citizens was voted down in the House of Representatives, 258-154. The majority of the fail could be placed upon the $12.5 billion dollar price tag. Democrats Marion Berry, Vic Snyder and Mike Ross all voted for the bill; Republican John Boozman opposed.

Lightbulb Goes Live

One bar joint in Fayetteville, formerly JR’s, is going to venture back into the live music scene. The announcement was certified on the Lightbulb Club’s Facebook page, and shows will likely be booked starting in December. Fayetteville’s underground music scene lives to rock again!

Theater In The Black

Even the Walton Arts Center is getting in on Black Friday. Selected shows will be discounted if purchased between Friday, Nov. 26, and Sunday, Nov. 28. Details are at

Pope Permits Condom Use

In a broad move of acceptance, Pope Benedict XVI relaxed the Vatican’s prohibition of condom use in relation to HIV prevention, particularly in Africa and with male prostitution. Yes, the Pope said an anecdote in reference to male prostitution, stating that the act of wearing a condom is the first step towards personal responsibility “that one cannot do whatever one wants.” This is actually a monumental report for missionaries in Africa who were repressed from issuing birth control to prevent the spread of AIDS.
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