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By Emily Smith

TFW Contributing Writer

(Photo: Emily Smith)

Bring on the cooler weather!
It is fall fashion time in Northwest Arkansas, and for many fashion-forward local trendsetters (myself included), fall has become THE season to pull out all the stops and allow our creative juices to overflow. It has fallen upon my shoulders this year to spread the “good word” about fall 2010’s hottest must-haves to update and complete your wardrobe.
Now, I could very well use this opportunity to blindly regurgitate information that all of the big fashion magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, W and the likes) are already spitting at you. But, don’t you worry your pretty little head. I value my own fashion opinion far too much to plagiarize the big dogs … so, instead I will use my own intuition and style know-how as I become your very own “Master Fashion Guide” along the path of dressing suave in fall’s finest duds, pointing out the way to a trendier you.

My Top Fall Trends Not to be Missed: Dark Denim, Tall Boots, Layering, Silky, Military … and there’s more. Keep reading.

Dark Denim

Animal prints, chunky knits, gold lame and the layered look all great for fall. (Photo: Emily Smith)

Make it your mission to own at least one great pair of dark-wash denim jeans.
Whether you choose a bootcut or a skinny stovepipe version, this is a must-have staple for fall. A deep-hued, inky jean lends itself nicely as a base to begin any sleek ensemble and is a secret slimmer at the same time! Think of a dark jean as your new best friend.
Introduce your sexy new friend to some of the cute tops already in your closet. Let your friend mingle with some scarves and boots, a sleek belt or two, maybe even some spiked heels if you are feeling super secure with your newfound relationship. Now, take your new friend out for a night on the town and show her off, Hot Stuff.

Tall Boots

Big in the disco days of the ’70s and losing not an ounce of thunder as they strut 40 years into the future, tall boots are beyond a necessity for 2010’s cold weather checklist.
Not only do they add personality from the floor up to simple denim, tall boots look amazing with short (and long) dresses, a plethora of legging possibilities, and they come in an endless array of styles and colors. I prefer mine in leather with a nice heel for some added height.
NOTE: I should not have to say this, but I fear I must. You’d be missing the boat COMPLETELY if you attempt a Marilyn Manson patent, goth version. It just really is not the same thing at all.

Layering, Layering, Layering

Black and white, sexy jumpsuits, elongated pants all spell great fall fashion. (Photo: Emily Smith)

I adhere to the less is more philosophy when it comes to make-up, ice cream and sexual partners, but for most other things in life, I tend to say, “More! More! More!”
The same can be said of my fond affection for the “art of layering.” Whether layering clothes or jewelry, more is more as the immanence of harsh winter masquerades as milder, mellower fall. Layering is a poor man’s way to stay warm and a fashion maven’s opportunity to make the streets her own personal runway.
It is easy to do. If you are a virgin layer-er, go online to find out how to get started. Be forewarned though, layering can become an addiction, and come spring, you will want to be able to shake the habit for obvious reasons.
Try this at home: Start with tights, add tall socks, tall boots, a thin, short dress, fitted-denim jacket, long sweater coat, some necklaces, a long scarf and knit beret. It sounds extensive but looks both put-together and haphazard at the same time.

Silky, Silky Silk

Not just for sheets anymore, silk is making a gigantic comeback for fall this year.
When seeking out your optimal silk, look for a more demure, muted and wispy version to be worn a tad oversized and layered with other luxuriously textured fabrics. And please don’t accidentally opt for the circa 1992 silks, much like the blouses I wore in high school, complete with shoulder pads, tapered jeans and a brown braided belt. That would be a horrendous silk no-no!
My current, easy to pull off silky favorites are button-front, long blouses and another trend this fall — silk harem pants.


Great jeans and great silk top are a perfect combination. (Photo: Emily Smith)

(Drum roll please) Rounding out the trends for this season, you can’t outrun the overabundance of “military mayhem” in advertisements and write-ups for fall.
Love it or hate it, army green and cargo cuts are abound, and I must admit, the look ain’t too darn shabby. Lots of us, luckily, look good in shades of green and khaki. So, why not try your hand at conjuring your prettier, inner G.I. Joe by sporting some olive green cargo leggings with a billowy silk top? How about a vintage rip-stop military jacket over a feminine dress?

And More

That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this Fall’s finest finds, yet, regardless of the season or year, some fashion trends find their way to becoming staples and are here to stay, while others are fleeting at best.
Use a discerning eye when deciding if a trend feels right on you and never be afraid to test the boundaries when it comes to fashion and your personal style. Try something new. You may very well surprise yourself. Next thing you know, you’re a know-it-all fashionista, spewing out your fashion wisdom in 800 words or less. I’m just sayin’…

Other trends that make the fall cut:
• Black tuxedo jackets
• Legwarmers
• Socks worn with heels
• Mixing patterns
• Full-on Glam Rock
• Ankle boots
• Super long skirts
• Monochromatic head to toe
• Color! Color! Color!
• Mixing siver and gold jewelry

Story and Photography: Emily Smith
Special thanks: Lola Boutique for Top Trends.
Models: Nicolette Gawthrop, Sydney Scarborough, Amanda McVay and Raney Wilcox

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