Like A Pig In Mud

Times they are a changing … isn’t that what they used to say back in the old and golden years?

Well, now the saying is “The new busy ain’t the old busy,” and things aren’t what they used to be. Words said with a sigh of nostalgia, a twinge of resentment and a gleam of relief. The only thing constant is change.

The new face of TFW, once a small town alternative newspaper with its heart on the pulse of Fayetteville arts and culture, is now a new media tabloid delivering the interests of the Northwest Arkansas metropolis. As the new editor gets wet and feels out this transition, all the community, present-company included, watch anxiously as The (new) Free Weekly gets wings.

“The Kruth Talks” was born with the death of “Daddy Warbucks.” One of the most well-read and long-lived sections, Daddy had insight into big business and behind-closed-doors encounters that kept the public informed of the capitol façade. I certainly didn’t have the connections of Daddy when it came to information, but I’ve maintained the news tidbits to keep the residents in the loop of changes that affect our everyday life.

Now as The Free Weekly gains the attention of our neighboring communities, I ask that you feel free to share your voice, your insight, your tips and your rumors with this columnist. We would know nothing at all if we did not share our thoughts, aka gossip. A big believer of the truth (Kruth is just “Truth with a K”) I will filter out the nonsense from the need-to-know and hopefully the loyal readers of the Freekly can handle the Kruth.

With all the news sources available, we want to make sure that you can still reach out to The Free Weekly as the source for entertainment, arts and activities, cultural insight and news briefs that hit home and keep you involved and informed. Welcome to our world fellow cities of NWA — we don’t say “Keep Fayetteville Funky” for nothing! We may be a bit edgy, sometimes shocking, sort of sensational and most definitely different, but we weren’t all made to be the same. Take comfort in the different. Take refuge in the change.

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Here’s a few thoughts for you to chew on this week …

Pay Meters Get Defaced

Parking Meters vandalized on Dickson Street! The city’s reaction is to seal off the area around the spray-painted kiosks. An unfounded claim of $15,000 issued by the city in a news release. Most damage was superficial and completely predictable. Take a punch bowl like Dickson Street, mix two parts young and rebellious with two parts hot summer night, add a splash of liquor and what do you expect?

Beyond the WAC

The Fayetteville Task Force that was created to consider and attract diverse festivals and events is already met with a challenge. Because of the new paid parking movement, the Walton Arts Center parking lot can only be closed for events 16 days out of the year. The committee will have to look beyond the obvious center of downtown to host these festivals since most of those days are already scheduled. I hear Bentonville has some nice locations to host events!

Enrollment Shift

The Fayetteville Public Schools have moved 100 fifth grade students from Holcolmb Elementary to Holt Middle School for this school year. Overcrowding at the elementary school required an additional third grade classroom. A reported increase of nearly 500 students in the district gives encouraging evidence to support the ninth grade moving into the newly built high school.

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