Musician of the Week: Candy Lee

candyInstruments: Guitar, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Recorder

Day job: Server at the Greenhouse Grille

First performance: Before I started playing guitar and started my solo project, my husband and I were in an acoustic duo project called “50 Cent Trade.” It was about six years ago, so I don’t remember much other than I had a term paper due the next day, so I was about to cancel the show (not to mention I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life). I remember crying and chickening out. The only way I was calmed down was by the reassurance of a friend of mine, and the show went great.

My first Fayetteville gig, and my first performance playing guitar and singing my own songs was at the Green Door. Jeff Kearney was hosting his monthly Skinny Squinty show. The Phosphenes were playing as well. I felt way out of my league, but the performance was fine and enjoyed by all.

Favorite performance: I guess my favorite performance so far was my first performance with my band the Sweets — Jennifer Graham on bass and back up vox, Emily Jenkins on back up vox, Dan Dean on percussion and Warren Dietzel on mandolin. It was at the Greenhouse Grille. Many friends came out to see us. The sound was good. And we had a really great audience response. I also enjoy any of the Sisters In the Round events.

Type of music: Conscious Folk/Jazz

Originals or covers: Originals

Sounds like: The love child of Fionna Apple and Devendra Banhart

Songwriter’s muse: The two other worldy entities listed above

Influences: Fiona Apple, Devendra Banhart, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Beirut, Eisley, Andrew Williams

Accomplishments: NAMA best female singer/songwriter nominee last year

What kind of crowd do you draw: People who like to sit quietly and listen.

Any albums: My first solo full-length album, entitled “The Gate” will be coming out this May. It will feature the nine songs from my demo re-recorded and revamped, plus seven more new songs. I also have an electro/triphop project called Metasapien, that has an EP out called “Art or Die.” 50 Cent Trade’s album was “Moonlit Walk.”

Plans: To finish up my full-length CD (find some classical string players to be on it) and go on tour with the Sweets.

Goals: To play a part in the conscious music revolution while playing sweet tunes and touring the world.

If you could open for anyone, who would it be? Devendra Banhart, or Fiona Apple

Last CD purchased: “Crayon Jewels” by an awesome local band, Memphis Pencils.

Most played song/s on your iPod? Sadly, I don’t have an iPod. I’ve been geeking out to the Memphis Pencils CD and a lot of Pinback.

Web site:

Upcoming shows and tours: Feb. 21 during the Sunday Brunch at the Greenhouse Grille 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Planning a west coast tour with the Sweets for this summer.

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