Check the Water


By Amber Kruth

Clean Water

Not an easy Web site to remember, but an essential one to visit, is the Beaver Lake Water District Web site. Celebrating 50 years of supplying NWA with clean drinking water, the district is promoting a campaign informing people of how to help protect and preserve our drinking water. Be sure not to take this luxurious necessity for granted, and keep our drinking water clean!

Terra Tots

Terra Tots has moved from the Fayetteville square to the Mill District in south Fayetteville. This “natural parenting” store runs a Round Up Campaign, which contributes every “round up” cent gathered to local nonprofit groups. The “round up” money is generated by the difference in sale from customers who choose to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar.

Curb Your Trees

The city of Fayetteville will pick up Christmas trees until Monday Jan 10. Place the tree away from your trash and recycling bin and remove all plastic bags, stands, decorations, lights and tinsel. No artificial trees will be collected. If you miss the curbside pickup, you can drop off your tree at the city’s composting facility after Jan. 14.

Recycling Expansion

The city of Fayetteville is trying to cooperate with local businesses that recycle, contingent that the business is located on a residential route. The City Council adjusted the cost to $5.88 per month for up to five bins, as opposed to $5.88 per bin. This will be a great benefit to smaller businesses in residential areas. However, it will be no help to commercial business, like restaurants on Dickson Street who likely discard thousands of pounds of glass monthly.

Mexican On The Square

Osegueras shut their doors at the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center last fall, but opened recently in the old Mariachi’s space at 25 E. Center St.

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