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Springdale gets a squawkin’ from PETA

There is something to be pecked out of the latest squawk from People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals aka PETA, concerning their discomfort with the Tyson family. PETA is miffed about the Springdale City Council’s idea to name the new U.S. 412 bypass in Springdale after poultry icon Don Tyson. PETA fired off a letter attempting to sway the political forces in Springdale, but in reality what they’ve done, is made the Springdale City Council feel even more strongly about honoring Tyson. Springdale, often jokingly called, Chickendale in these writings, is indeed its own city.They have their business and political leaders, who, by and far, are good business and political leaders. Springdale, the city, pretty much sets its own tone – both economically and politically and survives without any outside influence.

So here is the meat of the PETA letter that was sent an urgent letter to Springdale Mayor Jerre M. Van Hoose and nine council members urging them to oppose a proposal to name a new $30 million highway, which will run from I-540 to Butterfield Coach Road the Don Tyson Parkway. PETA points out that in steering Tyson Foods’ growth into a multibillion-dollar company, Don Tyson oversaw the abuse of billions of chickens, including birds that had their bones broken from being slammed into shackles, were mutilated by faulty throat-cutting machines and were scalded to death in defeathering tanks. The letter continues: “If you are hell-bent on naming something after Don Tyson, how about the Springdale City Jail?” wrote
PETA assistant manager of factory farming campaigns Lindsay Rajt.

Seven years ago Arkansas lawmakers in a fit of historical wisdom designated that heavy duty cooking vessel, the Dutch Oven, the state’s official historical cooking vessel thanks to an El Dorado cook, historian and writer who would not let it go. Good for history. Good for Arkansas.

While Arkansas may be the Natural State, it doesn’t crack the Top 10 list of states with big revenue from hunting and fishing. With its 551,000 licensed hunters, Arkansas couldn’t come close to Texas, which holds the No. 1 spot with some $6.68 billion spent each year. In the No. 2 spot was Florida, followed by California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The average American spends 18 days a year in the woods or on the water.

Way too high. The old Johnny Cash song “How High’s The Water Momma?” comes to mind when trolling past area gas stations. How high will it go? We just don’t know. But oil did top $100 a barrel last week. Watch for $110 to $120 a barrel this summer.

The NWA Naturals have closed their kiosk in the NWA Mall and plan on opening their own apparel shop at the new ball field, which by the way had the lights on recently illuminating the new facility along I-540. Haven’t seen it? Go look. Wow!

There is nothing the AAFL’s marketing department won’t do to sell tickets. They’ve had eye-candy Clint Stoerner trying to get all the chicks to buy tickets. There was a slick promotion for the Arkansas vs. Texas semi pro teams and now it is Double-D’s, and Daddy W. doesn’t mean defense schemes, but a TV commercial to sell tickets. Daddy W. thinks the cadre of cheerleaders in the ads surely 1) are not local gals, 2) are not going to be at the games and 3) have better things to do with their time than hawk AAFL tickets.

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