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Diversity, Inclusion, Movies: Bentonville Film Festival is meaningful fun

Grab your popcorn and your favorite movie buddy. The Bentonville Film Festival plans to open even stronger than recent years with a free screening series, celebrity coffee talks, panels, NFTs


Review: Notes of Blue by Son Volt

“Notes of Blue” is a Delta record through and through, and, not coincidentally, it is one of Farrar’s most optimistic works to date.


Santa Clarita Diet Breathes New Life Into The Genre of the Living Dead

“Santa Clarita Diet” only popped up on my radar a month or so ago with a clever, minimalist ad campaign that gave away just enough to intrigue: this is a show where Drew Barrymore eats people, and Justified’s Timothy Olyphant plays her relaxed stoner husband.


Review: Summers In Space by The Bends

The power blues trio out of Pittsburg, Kan. are about to unleash a scuzzy tour de force upon us mere mortals.


An Unfortunately Brilliant Series

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, based on the books by Daniel Handler (pen name: Lemony Snicket) is an exercise in fantastically morose whimsy.


Review: Outer Sounds by The Too’s

The melodies, harmonies, and stellar songwriting all are present on Outer Sounds, but two new dynamics are at play here that really frames this record.


Rogue One Is Star Wars At Its Most Bleak

Rogue One has done the seemingly impossible and made itself into the new Empire for the Star Wars franchise.


Keeping Tabs On Congress: There’s an App For That

Countable is a smartphone app that tracks Congress activity and streamlines the process of contacting national representatives.


One Mississippi Excels With Brilliant Dark Comedy

If you get too dark, you risk losing your audience; too light, and you risk losing your original point. Tig walks that tightrope better than any comic I’ve ever seen.