Modeling Each Other: Brothers make music from shared images, memories

Modeling Each Other: Brothers make music from shared images, memories

Images rather than sound move Modeling to create music. Connor Brogran, the eldest of the three brothers who make up the indie electronic band, says that while they draw from their own musical influences and lives, images anchor their songwriting. With their upcoming release, “Somewhere Before,” they even created a visual blog of grainy film images and gifs to accompany their nostalgic soundscapes.

“Some of those photos have a sound — you can look at those photos and you can feel something instantly,” Cuinn, the youngest of the three, explains. “That kind of stems from movies we see, some of the imagery that Connor collected for that blog. We’ve grown up seeing some of that stuff. So we have a sound in our head — a mood, a feeling.”

Modeling, a Fayetteville-based band of brothers Connor, Ryan and Cuinn Brogan, will release their first album, “Somewhere Before,” on May 15. (Courtesy Photo/Madelyn Amacher)

“I was very inspired by the movies ‘ET’ and ‘Blade Runner’ for this album. I just listened to those soundtracks a lot, and I watched those movies a lot,” middle brother Ryan says, adding that “Alien” (1986) also seeped into his song writing over the two years that the three have been working on the album.

The influences of those films show up in Modeling’s “Nightwalker” video as well. Shot at night in and around Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville, the video has the vibe of a neglected VHS movie as a brooding Connor walks in front of empty stores in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center then through abandoned tunnels and along deserted streets. While the video doesn’t contain their music, it shows the kind of images that inspire them.

On top of shooting the video locally, the brothers also made their debut album at home. They had a friend master the album and used artwork from photographer Anders Beulic, who experiments with film and older cameras.

“What’s cool about this album is this is the first thing, the first piece of work, that we’ve ever done solely by ourselves. So we recorded it, produced it and mixed it and wrote it all in our apartment here in Fayetteville, in our little home studio that’s located in our garage, which is where we practice. And it’s like just a little humble studio,” Connor explains. “We started the record at the beginning of the lockdown 2020.” They had just released their single, “Lodestone,” and started to slowly piece together album. One of the advantages of the three living together is that they can always find each other to make music.

Modeling, a Fayetteville-based band of brothers Connor (pictured center), Ryan and Cuinn Brogan, will release their first album, Somewhere Before, on May 15. (Courtesy Photo/Madelyn Amacher)

“We are very comfortable with each other. We know how we all work. So getting into the working environment is very easy, because we just know each other so well,” Connor says. “We have a lot of things that we have similarities that we all share, like with movies or things that we remember from our childhood, that kind of shape how we create music and things like that. So it’s easy to … do that.”

“I think because we’re so comfortable, sometimes we don’t treat it like a job. We tend to just take our time with things because our studio is in our apartment, we are around all the time, so we can just kind of do it at our own pace. I think that’s the only thing that’s a disadvantage,” Connor adds. “We do make an effort to try to make it like a job and show up at a certain time and end at a certain time. So we’re not overworking or just being lazy.”

“The interesting thing about the album is that it’s spanned over two years. So the very first song and almost linearly, when you listen to it, if you hear the first song we ever wrote two years ago, and the last song the one we wrote, like, five months ago,” Ryan explains. “You hear a progression of where we started and how we ended. So that’s kind of interesting to me, because it’s very different. It’s kind of spread out that way.”

Their new album, “Somewhere Before,” drops May 15 across all streaming platforms.



Modeling, a Fayetteville-based band of brothers Connor, Ryan and Cuinn Brogan, will release their first album, “Somewhere Before,” on May 15. (Courtesy Photo/Madelyn Amacher)

Album Release Party:

‘Somewhere Before’

WHEN — 8:30 p.m. (music starts at 9:15 p.m.) May 27

WHERE — George’s Majestic Lounge, 519 W. Dickson St. in Fayetteville

COST — $12


BONUS — Special guests will be Olympics and The Phlegms.



‘Somewhere Before’

Modeling describes the album as “both a factual time that we can no longer return to and also a fictional time that we were never a part of. Many of the songs on the record are inspired by past events and center around themes of loneliness, longing and feelings of nostalgia. The sounds and sonic textures of the music are heavily influenced by old science fiction movies, film scores and photographs of people and places which feel alienated from reality.”

INFO —Information on the new album and upcoming shows are available on the band’s Facebook page. Download “Somehwere Before” via Bandcamp at More informaton on the band is at, visual blog at

BONUS — See the video for “Nigthwalker (Nothing Unexpected Short Film)” at

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