Connecting Via Computer

Connecting Via Computer

Trike finds ways to keep kids immersed in theater


Trike Theatre produced its first show in 2008 and, in the ensuing 13 years, the professional theater for youth audiences has become a favorite of families and schools alike. Founder and artistic director Kassie Misiewicz answered some questions for What’s Up! about what the theater is planning for and looking forward to in 2021.

Q. What did you plan for 2020 that fell flat? And what did you DO in 2020 that was way better than you hoped it would be?

A. Initially, our goal was to produce four 360 Trike-sperience, but after reflection and understanding some of the challenges of the year due to covid-19, we pivoted and chose to focus on producing three shows for the 360 Trike-sperience really well. We also originally planned to offer our 360 Trike-sperience workshops live in person, but limitations inside of schools as an outside visitor redirected our plan. We remain fully virtual with our workshops, and still have found great connections with our teachers and students through live Zoom sessions! Starting this January 2021, we are able to offer our 360 Trike-sperience for free to our Northwest Arkansas schools, thanks to our generous sponsors (Walmart Foundation, Walton Family Foundation and CACHE).

Q. What’s your biggest goal in 2021 for Trike?

A. Our biggest goal is to expand our impact in Northwest Arkansas through increased 360 Trike-sperience participation. This virtual field trip model is accessible by anyone with a computer and fully immerses the youth, teachers and families in seeing theater (previously videotaped), learning through theater (in educational videos and live-interactive workshops) and doing theater by using the provided book and story props to retell and act out the story.

Q. What do you have planned that we can look forward to?

A. We will continue offering theater to our community through six Youth Theatre productions, three 360 Trike-sperience, and one new theater for youth play (in development)! We are leaving room in our schedule to be able to tour small shows and produce a show at Walton Arts Center, and we’re working on a new way to bring theater outdoors to our Arkansas communities too. Stay tuned!

Q. Are there changes that came from covid that will be permanent, in some form or fashion?

A. We’ve learned a lot and are excited to continue to offer virtual performance and class experiences even when we are able to all be back in the same room together. Our 360 Trike-sperience and Trike iCademy programming engage youth, teachers and families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come to Trike Theatre, and being able to offer that access is really important to us.

Q. Has anything changed about the goals / vision of the company?

A. Trike strives to make sure that every child can see themselves in the stories and characters we put on stage. And through our education programs, we have always valued inclusive communities and access for all. We are honored to be a recipient of the TRUE grant, which will allow us to continue our efforts by more deeply examining how diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational in our company and how we can further impact our students and families.

Q. What are the next BIG goals for the company?

Students work with Kassie Misiewicz from Trike Theatre to create a tableau telling the story of a surprise party.
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A. As we’ve continued to grow and provide greater access for our families, we have expanded our offerings to impact families and students wherever they are — in the classroom and in their homes. One of those solutions is a Trike board game which is in development, and we are thrilled to share more about it very soon. With the population of Northwest Arkansas growing as quickly as it is, the biggest goal we have is to create an answer to the lack of spaces for performing arts, making sure that family and youth theater programming has a vital stake in that space. In the upcoming years, we will look to find a space that addresses our needs and our community’s needs!

Q. What would you like to ask the friends and fans and family of Trike to do to support the company in 2021?

A. Watch theater with your families! We encourage you to take part in our free watch parties online, where we accept donations, but more than anything want you to enjoy our productions and facilitate creative experiences with your children and students.



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