‘History Comes Alive’

‘History Comes Alive’

Artist’s Laboratory Theatre and the Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association will present the second annual “History Comes Alive,” a theater experience set in Fayetteville’s oldest cemetery. Actors will portray the parts of six notable historical Fayetteville residents: Archibald Yell, Roberta Fulbright, William McIlroy, A.A. Byrnes, Lessie Stringfellow and Lafayette Gregg.

“Archibald Yell and Roberta Fulbright are the only two figures who will be returning to this year’s performances, not only because of the significance in the shaping of Fayetteville, but also because of efforts on the part of the Evergreen Cemetery Association to help restore Yell’s monument,” says The Artist’s Laboratory marketing director, Haley Smith. “This performance series is partly a fundraiser for the association in attempts to maintain this cemetery that is such a rich part of Fayetteville’s history.”

Smith says that last year’s successful performances demonstrated that there was interest in gaining historical knowledge of Fayetteville in such a novel way.

“Our ensemble of artists and researchers have spent considerable amount of time parsing through local archives and devising performance material based off of what they discovered,” she says. “It provides a visceral, thoroughly researched experience for the audience and access to information that otherwise would be found in arguably boring ways.”

— Lara Hightower



‘History Comes Alive’

WHEN — 2 p.m. Nov. 11-12

WHERE — Evergreen Cemetery in Fayetteville

COST — $10

INFO — 439-6046

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