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Advice Goddess

Merry Goo Round and Ember Alert

Merry Goo Round I’m a straight woman with a boyfriend of three months. I’m falling in love but don’t know how to say it. Is there a way that’s “safer”

Cover Story

Strike A Pose

Local costumer finds fun in celebrity re-creations BECCA MARTIN-BROWN When the world shut down for quarantine, I went from working in a creative field to making masks for our

Family Friendly

Ready To Roar

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge reopening June 1 BECCA MARTIN-BROWN You think YOU took social distancing seriously? For two full months, from the time Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge closed on March 17

Male Call

The perfect Father’s Day gift

Q. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day with our son not creating a present in school. He will definitely make him a card, but otherwise he and I


No Musical This Summer

Arkansas Public Theatre cancels ‘Pippin’ BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Ed McClure called the sadness in the decision “unimaginable.” But McClure, the artistic director for Arkansas Public Theatre in Rogers, announced May

Making Ripples

Come Together

Eco villages seem like common sense AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Some U.S. residents on the west and east coasts are eyeing the Midwest and Arkansas with keen interest these days.

Risa's Astrology

Gemini Festival of Goodwill, Festival of Humanity

This Friday’s full moon lunar eclipse is the Gemini Festival of Goodwill and Festival of Humanity. The Gemini Festival is the third Spring Festival, following Aries and Taurus festivals. Gemini

In The News

From St. Thomas Around The World

Love of literature inspires FHS grad’s new book BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Leigh Crandall grew up on St. Thomas, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. “It was a wonderful childhood, with


Long, Dry Summer

‘You Oughta Know,’ AMP shows unlikely until 2021 JOCELYN MURPHY “It goes without saying that this is something that none of us have ever had to face, so it