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‘Heal The Community’ Tour

‘Mama C’ uses words, music to spread message of equality BECCA MARTIN-BROWN At first, Charlotte Hill O’Neal sounds like your favorite Midwestern grandma. She still has her Kansas City

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Neighbor To Neighbor

New online groups help make connections in crisis BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “We can help with getting and dropping off groceries, picking up medicine, or if anyone has some other needs,


Living ‘Vivace’

Trevor Stewart does it all, including Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto BECCA MARTIN-BROWN   Trevor Stewart is young, talented, high-energy, enthusiastic, busy and mobile in a way only his generation can


Five Minutes, Five Questions Artist Hank Willis Thomas

JOCELYN MURPHY Hank Willis Thomas estimates it was late 2015 or early 2016 when curators he had known for some time at the Portland Art Museum approached him about

Family Friendly

Found At Sea

New Branson museum shares booty of three shipwrecks BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Young or not so young, if you ever dreamed of diving to a shipwreck, recovering a handful of gold

'Tis the Season

It’s A Wonder!

New Branson fun spot filled with ‘edutainment’ BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “You’re not going to believe how much fun it is! The team is so innovative, so creative, it’s amazing.” Of


Manna From Heaven?

APT’s ‘Meteor Shower’ snarky, absurd, hilarious BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Snarky, sexy, stunning.” “Absurd, titillating, wry.” “Hilarious, surprising, absurd.” “Stuff gets crazy.” Ask the Arkansas Public Theatre cast and director of

Making Ripples

Stay Positive In Difficult Times

Garden, walk, play games, cook, look for the good in everything AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples While our society remains disrupted in unprecedented ways that build uncertainty daily through our inescapable

Risa's Astrology

In This Suspended Liminal Time

Notes on the present times – meaning, reality, purpose, hope. Between this suspended time of anguish, fear, hope, a new reality is forming. It’s all in the words & numbers.

Advice Goddess

Meet Joe Beige And Dawn Of The Dad

Meet Joe Beige I’ve been dating this guy for a month. Things with him are really average. However, we met through a mutual guy friend, and I’m actually really into