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Going Up!

Fayetteville officials get glimpse of new TheatreSquared STACY RYBURN The team behind the new TheatreSquared wants the 50,000-square-foot, three-level center to catch the eye and immerse visitors the moment

Risa's Astrology

Understanding Libra

Libra is the charming and charmed one of the zodiac. They love peace and harmony and lightness. They can’t emotionally go too deep (unless their birth chart also contains planets

Family Friendly

History Set To Music

Mulhollans debut new ‘Cane Hill’ album BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Mollie discovered she was an artist, back when women weren’t anything but wives, mothers and farm hands. Cousin Annie grew apples

Maker Space

Nothing New Here

‘Fall’ in love with vintage at the Junk Ranch LARA JO HIGHTOWER The Junk Ranch is arguably Northwest Arkansas’ largest indoor/outdoor flea market, and co-founders Julie Speed and Amy

Cover Story

Replaying The Silver Ball

HillBenders put twist on rock ‘n’ roll classic BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “He’s a pinball wizard “There has to be a twist…” In 1969, Rolling Stone called “Tommy” — the rock


More Than Marching

New competition aims to bolster arts community JOCELYN MURPHY The world of marching band is a unique thing that conjures all kinds of images and stereotypes based on one’s

Advice Goddess

Hi, Anxiety! and The Girl With The Draggin’ Tattoo

Hi, Anxiety! I’m a 29-year-old woman. My boyfriend of a year is a wonderful guy. I’ve always been a jealous person — very insecure about whether a guy really cares

Male Call

Knit tie, right tie?

Q. I went recently to a men’s store to buy a black knit tie to replace one that I have worn for some time; it is beginning to show its