Put The Phone Down

Put The Phone Down

Band pokes fun at technology’s omniscience

Jocelyn Murphy

Nobody feels alive

At least you were notified

Using art to consider the implications of being so dependent on technology isn’t a new endeavor, but with their new album “Content Coma,” prog rock group Papadosio adds their voices to the conversation. The title track opens with the above line before assuring the listener throughout the song “It’s not your fault” — further explained in the chorus as the quintet croons, “We’ve been conned; living content coma.”

“We’re not necessarily saying that phones are bad or this whole collective human consciousness in your pocket, and basically the Library of Alexandria, in your pocket is a bad thing, because that is awesome. It’s just happening,” says keys player Sam Brouse. “It’s more [pointing out] a lot of people are content with it. I pretty much am [and] it freaks me out. But it should always be addressed and there should be some time where you just put it down and go do stuff, actually participate in physical life.”

“Content Coma” isn’t all cautionary tales against tech, though. As the members of Papadosio have settled into their identity as a band and as writers, their music is stronger than ever, Brouse says proudly. And with that confidence in their abilities, they — Brouse specifically — have a bit of fun on this record.

“I wrote a song on the album called ‘The World is a Cube,’ which is speaking specifically of people [who peddle] insane conspiracies. Like people who want to think that they know things, like more than this other dude walking down the street. ‘He doesn’t know. But I know,’” Brouse says incredulously.

“It’s like, what are you talking about, man? Who told you this? This guy on YouTube? No one’s benefiting from that. You’re just spreading disinformation to be an a**hole. So that, specifically for me, is a problem. You’ve got to tone that back a bit, or at least call attention to it. You’re allowed to spread whatever you want, you have freedom of speech, but it gets to a point where it gets dangerous.

“So I wrote a joking song just to be like, ‘You’re dumb. This is a joke about you being dumb,’” Brouse concludes with a chuckle. “And some people got really mad about it. And that’s good; you should get mad.”

— Jocelyn Murphy





‘Content Coma Tour’

WHEN — 8:30 p.m. Oct. 31

WHERE — George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville

COST — $20-$25

INFO — 527-6618, georgesmajesticlounge.com, papadosio.com

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