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Credible Fret and Netflix And Kill

Credible Fret I’m a 34-year-old woman in a two-year relationship with a guy. I’ve never been the jealous type. Yet, I do feel oddly possessive and jealous in this relationship,

Male Call

Sweat stains can be the pits, some advice for warm weather clothing

Q. I will be traveling to a very hot and humid climate later this month. What fabrics are the coolest and most comfortable for me to take with me? A.

Male Call

When the spare tire doesn’t fit in the trunk anymore

Q. Now that he is in his 40’s, my husband is beginning to show a little weight around the middle. It isn’t significant, but he’s a bit upset about it. 

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5×5 Five Minutes Five Questions Lizzy Lehman

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Everything Lizzy Lehman does musically is very personal — including her band name: Carry Illinois. “The first time I remember singing in public was in Cary, Ill.,

Making Ripples

Can’t Stand The Heat?

Induction cooking might woo you into the kitchen AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Looking for energy savings this summer? While it’s not the easiest, cheapest change to make to one’s home,

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Banning Books?

Petition questions removal of printed materials at UA library Jaime Adame Special to The Free Weekly The proper place for books in the main library at the University of Arkansas

Cover Story

Notes On History

Dom Flemons expands on musical narrative BECCA MARTIN-BROWN If an existed for American folk music, Dom Flemons would be its founder and most prolific contributor. When he started

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All Kinds Of Heroes

‘The Tempest’ introduces youth to Shakespeare LARA JO HIGHTOWER Jennifer Nesbitt is undertaking a challenging task: By directing her original adaptation of “The Tempest” — William Shakespeare’s stormy tale