Something’s Gotta Give

Something’s Gotta Give

sorensen-dumptrumpCMYKIt’s been a while since I’ve gotten on my column space to rant about our presidential administration (yes, I can be self-aware). I feel it’s high time to flesh some things out and break it down here.

The reason why I’ve put such criticisms on pause is mostly because I’ve become inundated and exhausted by the near-constant barrage of national embarrassments, terrifying national security scandals and draconian rollbacks on environmental regulations, government programs and health care. I’m kayaking in whitewater rapids of alternative facts. I’m waterlogged by Mar-a-Lago.

Yet, nothing seems to matter. None of it. The cronies of Capitol Hill always rush to support Trump’s blunders, and in some cases tip him off or feeds him false info. The news media reports it, the left gets pissed and shares their favorite articles on social media with depressed or shocked emojis while the right scoffs and shares the other side of the story, it fades in about 48 hours, then another Sean Spicer gaffe happens and it’s on to the next one. The sheer amount of bad activity happening is deafening. I want politics to be boring and uneventful again.

It’s as if we’re all flying on a plane together, and instead of a pilot, we have a dog in the cockpit. Most of us are screaming about the dog’s inability to fly — let alone comprehend — the highly complex aircraft, but all the flight staff assure us the creature licking its balls up front is doing a tremendous job flying the airplane.

It’s demoralizing watching time after time how none of what Trump does is held responsible. Remember when Trump made a baseless accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him on Twitter? No, forgot about that in March? I know, it’s tough to keep up. I keep wondering, why would the president, who has the ultimate intelligence resources in the United States, rush to an accusation in such a public forum? He heard some ex-judge say it on Fox News, that’s all. Thus, there was no evidence that supported the claim. It was a strong case for libel, probably impeachment. What happens? Nothing. It fades away. Thousands have been fired for less for what they’ve said on Twitter.

Now within a week’s time, we find out our president has fired FBI Director James Comey out of the blue — Comey learned of his firing only after seeing TV news report it — and Trump later says he did it because of Comey’s investigations into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. For the treasonous cherry on top, the Washington Post reported that Trump leaked highly classified information to the US Russian foreign minister. So what does most all of the GOP do? State that sharing classified information with forgien powers is perfectly legal for the president to do, but not advised. So they just wag their fingers once again. What would otherwise have been treason if he wasn’t the president, is downplayed and pushed under the rug.

I guarantee you, if it were Hillary Clinton in the White House, there would have been an impeachment investigation on treason charges faster than the speed of light. Which of course, there’s literally a tweet from Trump stating Clinton isn’t fit for presidency over this very situation:

“Crooked Hillary Clinton and her team “were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.’ Not Fit!”

A rule of thumb about the Trumpster: for nearly every move Trump has made as president, he’s at one time tweeted a highly-relevant criticism of Clinton or the Obama administration of doing the same thing.

As of Tuesday, we now know that Trump directly tried to influence the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s Russia ties by requesting it to be dropped, according to reporting by The New York Times. The request is the most clear proof that Trump tried to influence the Justice Department and the FBI’s investigation into the links between Trump’s associates.

Things are appearing to snowball here. These are just the broad strokes — there’s plenty else that’s concerning about the Trump family’s business dealings and his administration’s ties. It’s a perfect storm, and it’s fascinating watching the GOP figure out how to put out the dumpster fires. It’s the GOP who nominated Trump, and it’s the GOP that is in full control of congress and the executive branch and we’re all witnessing what government is capable of under their leadership. We’re getting incompetent proposed policies that make the rich richer and the poor poorer, cuts to clearly beneficial programs and removals of regulations that help the environment. There’s also potentially the biggest political scandal of our nation’s history looming. I don’t know who else to blame here.

If there is truly nothing to worry about, this would be the single biggest case of there not being fire where there’s smoke in history.

What will it take for Trump to be officially held accountable for what he and his administration has done in office? What will have to be compromised? What will have to happen before this nightmare administration is finally over?

I shudder to think.

Thanks for reading.

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