Black Apple Awards Showcases Arkansas Creatives

Black Apple Awards Showcases Arkansas Creatives

One of the most artsy, creative parties in the state will soon be taking place.

The third annual Black Apple Awards, which selects, recognizes and celebrates “The Best of” in the arts throughout the state of Arkansas, will be showcasing nominees in art, music, food and beyond along with a beer garden Friday, May 19.

For the event, the folks at Idle Class Magazine — who are the hosts — have rented out the top two decks at The Dickson (The Deck at The Dickson) parking garage off Dickson Street in downtown Fayetteville. The top deck will feature live performances and a beer garden and cash bar, and the deck below will feature artwork from nominated artists. The deck offers up some nice views of Fayetteville, too.

“If you’ve never been to the Black Apple Awards, I hope you come out and you experience it to see what’s going on in the creative world of Arkansas,” said Kody Ford, editor of Idle Class. “It’s going to be different this year, but still going to be fun.”

Voting is still underway for the awards, and the party was designed as a showcase for all that Arkansas has to offer to help attendees determine who they will vote for, and maybe otherwise wouldn’t have seen before. There are 30 categories to vote for from “Favorite Food Truck” to “Favorite Performing Arts Group.” Votes can be made online here.

Tickets to the event are $10 for general access, and $25 for VIP access which includes food and beer samples during the event. Tickets can be bought at the door or online here.

Courtesy Photo Local rock band Pagiins plays the Black Apple Awards showcase in 2016.

Courtesy Photo
Local rock band Pagiins plays the Black Apple Awards showcase in 2016.

The event will feature live performances from Robe Flax, SeanFresh & the Fresh Nasty Crew, PZA with Popsicle of Doom, Witchsister, Ryan Pickop of Nature & Madness and more. Performance Artist Cynthia Post Hunt will do a performance, as well as models from NWA Fashion Week modeling designs from nominated designers.

There’s also plenty of comedy planned, with an improv show form Roughhouse Comedy Collective, and stand up from Stef Bright, Troy Gittings and more.

Michael Shaeffer, a nominated painter from Little Rock, will be doing a live painting throughout the night.

“The goal for Black Apple showcase has always been to expose people to acts that maybe don’t play around here often,” Ford said. “So the goal has always been to bring together different groups, whether it’s visual arts or music, and bring together the creative arts of Arkansas. In the end, it’s about celebrating the creativity in our state.”

A group of 20 or 30 taste makers in the Arkansas are consulted with in the nomination process for the awards.

“We try to be as objective and inclusive as possible, but nothing’s perfect,” Ford said. “We don’t mean offense by that, we appreciate anyone in a creative field in our state who’s putting themselves out there and busting their ass. If we missed them this year, I hope we can get them next year.”

Funds from ticket sales will raise funds for Idle Class Magazine and New Design School.

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