Music From The Great Northwest: More than 170 releases from NWA in 2016

Music From The Great Northwest: More than 170 releases from NWA in 2016
On the Shoulders of Giants by Shawn James

On the Shoulders of Giants by Shawn James

The music scene in northwest Arkansas was alive and well — and certainly busy — in 2016.

Thanks to the research from Art Amiss’s Music Director Eric Jensen, we’re able to publish a working collection of all the music released from artists in the region.

From 90 artists in NWA came more than 170 music albums, EPs or singles. A total of 41 full-length albums were released by artists in the region.

Most of these were from bands that regularly play the area, such as Shawn JamesWilli Carlisle, Vintage Pistol, Lost John, Nature & Madness, Ten High, Bob For Apples, Nite Pup, The Chads, Prahnas, Melody Pond, The Lark and the Loon, The Silvershakers and PZA.

2016 brought a couple things to our attention. For starters, there’s an active underground hip-hop scene in Springdale and Fayetteville.

Ambient artists are numerous enough in Arkansas that an “Ambient Arkansas” compilation featuring artists from all over the state was released this year, and many from NWA also had their own separate releases this year.

Fayetteville’s own Let’s Talk Figures label put out a slew of bizarre, funny and eclectic albums from their lineup of local bands and artists from around the world. It’s probably safe to say they likely produce the most unique music in the state.

There’s undoubtedly music from local artists we’ve missed, but please know it is not intentional. Our apologies if you were missed. If you know of a music release we missed, please tell us below in the comments section with a link to the music.

Here’s what Northwest Arkansas sounded like in 2016.


2016 Northwest Arkansas Music Releases compiled by Eric Jensen

(If an artist has more than one, the most recent release [if date known] is listed first.)

Release Name^Format(s)^Type


Various Artists^Ambient Arkansas CD^digital^DVD compilation (bands and solo artists from all over Arkansas on this compilation)


Eureka Springs

Testube^Soul: 20 Year Anniversary Edition (re-release) digital album

The Lark And The Loon^Roost Recordings Vol 1^digital EP

The Lark And The Loon^Songbirds and Fog^CD, digital, vinyl album

Chucky Waggs and the Company of Raggs^Junkyard Charlie^CD, digital album


Too Nice to Mean Much by Willie Carlisle

Too Nice to Mean Much by Willi Carlisle


The Airplanes^Block Street Bop^digital single

Matthew Alan^Fire^digital EP

Kevin Baker^Mood Music for the Apathetic^digital album

Barren^Void^CD, digital album

BiK FliQQr^Plague Rats^digital single

Bob For Apples^Self-Entitled^digital album

Rochelle Bradshaw & Hypnotion^Works Must Be Done^digital single

Brother Moses^Legends CD^digital, vinyl EP

Jonas Bonus^Stoner Shit^digital single

Jonas Bonus^Domestic Goddess^digital album

Willi Carlisle^Too Nice to Mean Much^digital EP

Austin Cash^Man Ray and Me^digital single

Austin Cash^Untitled Lush Workers Demo #1^digital single

Austin Cash^Our Ears Are Now in Excellent Condition^digital single

The Chads^Preview^digital EP

Charnal^Rebirth^digital EP

Cloudwave^This Side of Midnight^digital single

J Daimyo (= JR Ewing)^The Divine Comedy^digital EP

(and several more single tracks on his two Soundcloud pages)

Diamond State^Better Off This Way^digital single

Divine LowLife^Until The Day Breaks & The Shadows Flee Away…^digital album

Divine LowLife^The LowLife’s Melodies^digital album

Divine LowLife^The Divine Tape^digital mixtape

(and several more single tracks on his Soundcloud page)

Doctor Nod^Wha???^Little Ride^digital single

Doctor Nod^Top Tips cassette^digital album

Wha??? b/w Little Ride by Dr. Nod

Wha??? b/w Little Ride by Dr. Nod

Doctor Nod^Lost Tapes^digital EP

Eye for a LiE^Ashes To Ground^digital single

Eye for a LiE^Chit Chatter^digital single

Eye for a LiE^Always^digital single

FACEBOOK USER^Statuses Vol. II 2011-2015^digital album

Farmer and the Markets^Merry Christmas^digital album

The Gebharts^Borador^digital single

The Gebharts^Pomeranian Queen (No Longer Mine)^digital single

The Gebharts^Schizofriendia digital EP

Gem Fusion^Do The Things You DO (Demo) digital single


Holographic Crew^Digital Safari digital album

Terminus^Safe Travels, See You Never^CD/digital

Hybrid Harbor^The Morning^digital EP

Joseph Israel^Paradise^digital album

Joseph Israel^People Need Hope^digital single

Shawn James^On the Shoulders of Giants^CD, digital, vinyl album

JrSOAPbox^i love rock and roll^digital single

JrSOAPbox^through the trouble^digital single

JrSOAPbox^What you Know^digital single

JrSOAPbox^jones^digital single

(and several more single tracks on their Reverbnation page)

KeNo^Handle bars^digital single

KeNo^Dream^digital single

KeNo^Abundance (feat. Zilla)^digital single

This Is A Pipe Dream by Ten High

This Is A Pipe Dream by Ten High

Let’s Talk Figures (Record Label): Various Artists, LTF Holiday Spread 2016^digital compilation

(many Northwest Arkansas bands on this compilation)

Lost John^Lost John^digital album

Lost John^Lost John LIVE^digital EP

LRG PZA^Anxiety Quest Online^digital album

Manchild^Bottom Text^digital single

RD Mauzy^Self Help (The Covers EP)^digital EP

Melody Pond^Avalanche^digital single

Melody Pond^Falling^digital single

Melody Pond^What I Mean^digital single

Melody Pond^People Pleasing^digital single

Mic Adams^Do That There (Cam Taylor House Remix)^digital single

Mic Adams^Get It On (feat. Big Piph)^digital single

Mic Adams^Legacy^digital album

Molten Mama^Love My Sex^digital single

Shane Morris & [Q]^The Ascent^digital album

M.S.R. (Nathan Riggs, Courtney Tucker)^Savagely at Nothing^digital EP

Nature & Madness^Where Will We Go^digital album

Nite Pup^Three-toed Outward Migration^digital single

Nite Pup^The Idea is like Grass^digital album

NUGSTUFR^Tell Me That (feat. Thorneus)^digital single

NUGSTUFR^Darknet^digital EP

NUGSTUFR^Pablo^digital single

Okhotsk^The Swan^digital single

Okhotsk^1^digital album

Okhotsk^Faraway Radio Stations^digital single

Old Ties (Allison Williams & Willi Goehring)^Old Ties^digital album

The OneUps^Part Seven^CD, digital album

The OneUps & Mariachi Entertainment System^Vega (Street Fighter II)^digital single

Part Seven by The OneUps

Part Seven by The OneUps


The Ozark Travelers^Not a Bit of Bridge^digital album

Piss Shivers^Piss Shivers^cassette, digital EP

Prahnas^Toy Key 7: Short On Comfort^digital EP

Prahnas^Songs Ryan Won’t Like^digital album

Prahnas^Selected Pre-Prahnas Recordings 2004/2008^digital album

Prahnas^Toy Key Six: Ultra Chorus Boring Formula^digital album

The Purples & Mountain Shore^New Normal: Tensions^digital album

The Purples & Mountain Shore^Harmonitalk 2000^digital single

The Purples^Eternal Horizons digital album

The Purples^Experiments^digital album

The Purples^At Home Cat trilogy^digital EP

PZA^Pizza Rolls, Royce Rolls, Roycle Rolls^digital album

PZA^SHINE OF SATURN^digital album

PZA^WATER & EARTH^digital album

PZA^iBOOKS^digital album

PZA^IS A HACK^digital album

PZA^SLEEPY^digital album

(and several more releases on his and the Let’s Talk Figures Bandcamp pages)

Preview by The Chads

Preview by The Chads

Quartz Prawl^CHANCE ACCELERATOR^digital single

Quartz Prawl^no dragons, just ready to gloop^digital EP

Quartz Prawl^horsies^digital EP

Recess x Cobrayama^Channel Drift^digital EP

Recess^Love U, Need U^digital single

Recess^The Brothel Gospel^digital EP

Nathan Riggs^Coat Drive Live 10/17 featuring Gaute Granli^digital live show

Nathan Riggs^Considered, Live^digital live show

Nathan Riggs^Live at Backspace 7/15/16^digital live show

(and several more releases on the Lisa Tapes Bandcamp page)

Rocket Coma^Dangerfield^digital album

Rocket Coma^This n That^digital single

Rocket Coma^Feel The Bern^digital single

Route 358^Alone Tonight^digital EP

Saint God^Home is Where You Heartache^digital EP

The Silvershakers^Barely Scrapin’ By^CD, digital album

Sister FOX^GODDESS^digital album

Still On The Hill^Still A River: Story Songs of the Buffalo River CD^digital album

Sugarcane^The Smell of Cold Glass^digital EP

SW/MM/NG^Phantom Feel^digital single

Take The Space^Strange Pheromones^digital single

Ten High^This is a Pipe Dream^digital EP

Troutt^allthetime^digital single

Troutt^In/0^digital single

Troutt^SoPrk^3 digital single

(and several more single tracks on his Soundcloud page)

Trumann Rail Boys^Trumann Rail Boys^digital EP

Vintage Pistol^The Second Amendment^digital EP

White Mansion^Mildew^digital album

White Mansion^Lady In Red^digital single

Courtesy Photo “The Second Amendment” is Vintage Pistol’s second EP with five original tracks recorded locally with Brian Burkhart.

The Second Amendment by Vintage Pistol

Witchsister^Time Out^digital album

Woody & Sunshine^Lapse^digital single

Woody & Sunshine^Felix And Robin^digital single

Young Spielberg^Branson^digital single

Young Spielberg^Chongjin^digital single

Young Spielberg^Instrumental #3/ digital single


Fort Smith

Auspicious^Revamp^digital EP

Holy Smokes!^SCORCHED^digital EP

Holy Smokes!^Unfortunate Circumstances and How Things^digital single

Got That Way (interlude 2)^White Gold/ digital

Local Eyes^For What It’s Worth^CD, EP

Othello^Reflections^CD, digital EP

Othello^Toxic Medication^digital single

Silent Waits^The Archer Revival^digital single



Bottlerocket^Bottlerocket CD^digital EP



Resident^Steps^digital single


Time Out by Witchsister

Time Out by Witchsister


Jonny Enigma^RR^digital single

Jonny Enigma^Have It or Half It^digital single

Jonny Enigma^Solitude^digital single

Jonny Enigma^Sacred^digital single

(and several more single tracks on his Soundcloud and Reverbnation pages)

DJ Knite X^Private Eye^digital single

DJ Knite X^Luvsic Part 4. Demo^digital single

DJ Knite X^Ecruteak City Demo^digital single

DJ Knite X^Evening Interlude Demo^digital single

Thunderman^Fork In The Road (Instrumental Tape)^digital album


Siloam Springs

The Iridium Complex^Thoughtform^digital, CD

Paperweight^Easy Out^digital EP

Paperweight^Sleep^digital single


Valley Springs

Organelle Spy^Nod Off^digital album

Organelle Spy^Aquatica^digital album

Organelle Spy^Fashion Center (translated from Japanese)^digital album

Organelle Spy^Organelle Spy^digital album

Organelle Spy^Mythos^digital album

Organelle Spy^Rainbow Metal^digital digital album

(and five more releases on the Bandcamp page)


Van Buren

Mythorgeth^Rope Burn^digital EP

Paper Music^Other Music^digital EP

Paper Music^Music For Film Trailers^digital EP

Paper Music^Music for Documentary Projects^digital album

Paper Music^Music for Film Projects^digital album

Paper Music^Music for Commercial Projects^digital album (and several more single tracks on his Soundcloud page)


Eric Jensen is the Music Director for Art Amiss, a Fayetteville-based nonprofit that has been supporting and promoting the arts in Arkansas since 2004. The organization promotes Arkansas music through direct grants and the production of eclectic and genre specific music compilations. Stream and download all of their music compilations here: and visit them on Facebook at

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