November High Fashion: Colorizing and Braids

November High Fashion: Colorizing and Braids

With the change of season comes growth and remembering our past. The first day of November marks the beginning of a new season for some. Halloween was originally a time for celebrating and remembering our ancestors. It originated from the Gaelic celebration Samhain, which was a time of letting go of the past and looking into the future or new year and a time of celebrating the death of the earth and those who dwelt on it and the new life to come.

I want to take a minute to appreciate all of our ancestors who have done good for the sustainability of life and our planet Earth. With all the developing and oil drilling that is happening around us right now, let us not forget that this is the only home we have. I would like to put out the energy of sustainability and appreciation for our Earth and it’s people and all living things for our future generation with this month’s column. Let’s all remember to live our lives as simply and humble as we can. Also I hope you enjoy this artist collaboration of editorial styling.

Roxie Jane/Howtohairgirl did the hair pieces featured in this column, and Cloey Grote cut her own hair into a bob. Roxie did all the braids and hair styling on Caitlyn and I did the hair color, cut and makeup on Caitlyn. Cloey styled her clothes herself. I styled Caitlyn’s clothes.

Photos by Roxie Jane/@howtohairgirl

Hair: Roxie Hunt @howtohairgirl and Cloey Grote

Make up and styling: Melissa Arens and Cloey Grote

Models: Caitlyn Grimste (blonde braids) and Cloey Grote (hair color)

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