Black Apple Award Winners for 2016 Announced

Black Apple Award Winners for 2016 Announced
Photo by Heater Canterbury

Photo by Heater Canterbury

Arkansas is home to some especially great creatives.

The folks at Idle Class Magazine and Art Amiss  spotlight artists, musicians, chefs, designers, brewers and comedians of Arkansas for the annual Black Apple Awards. The winners were announced this week.

In early April, the two organizations hosted the Black Apple Awards Showcase in Little Rock and Fayetteville to give voters an opportunity to witness the nominees.

Votes were cast online, and there were about 3,000 people who cast their votes this year.

The 2016 winners are:

Maker: American Native Goods (Fayetteville)
Fashion Designer: Korto Momolu (Little Rock)
Tattoo Artists: Matt O’Baugh – Black Cobra Tattoo (Little Rock)
Filmmaker: Angela Carpenter & Dwight Chalmers (Fayetteville)
Comedian or Comedy Group: Red Octopus Theatre Co. (Little Rock)
Food Truck: Crepes Paulette (Bentonville)
Non-alcoholic Beverage: Arsaga’s Coffee (Fayetteville)
Brewery: Fossil Cove Brewing Co. (Fayetteville)
Cocktails: Maxine’s Taproom (Fayetteville)
Chef: Matt Bell – South on Main (Little Rock)
Photographer: Kat Wilson (Fayetteville)
3D/Mixed Media Art: Cynthia Post Hunt (Fayetteville)
2D Art: Nick Shoulders (Fayetteville)
Solo Musician: Sean Fresh (Little Rock)
Band: Shawn James & the Shapeshifters (Fayetteville)

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