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Making Ripples

Leopold’s City Folk: On Birthplace & Conservation

I was raised in many cities, in the fashion of migrating geese whose seasons have been extended into years-long springs and falls, moving across the states.

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Calling Humanity, Humanity in Crisis

There is a humanitarian crisis in Europe. Affecting the world. Thousands of refugees, forced out of their countries due to war, persecution, terrorism, injustices, slavery, violence, death squads, etc., seeking refuge & asylum in many European countries.


Q&A: Shook Twins at Fayetteville Roots Festival

While the Fayetteville Roots Fest last week featured a few artists that played traditional folk styles in music with traditional folk instruments, there was one group that stood out from


Animal Volunteer Opportunities Abound in NWA

Whether you have a few hours a month or a few hours a week to spare, there are endless opportunities to help homeless pets in Northwest Arkansas.

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Venus Direct, Mercury Retro Soon, Honoring Our Labors

As Burning Man (9 days, Aug. 30-Sept. 7 in the sign of Virgo) burns in the hot white desert sands, a petal of the rose created by retrograde Venus & the 12-petaled Sun in Virgo petals unfold.

Making Ripples

DIY Candle Recycling

Country Wonders of Iowa makes soy wax candles that are sold here in Northwest Arkansas during the War Eagle Mill fall craft fairs.

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Moments from Fayetteville Roots Festival 2015

Once again, Fayetteville Roots Fest organizers Bernice and Bryan Hembree and Jerrmy Gawthrop have done it.


In Regards To Guns…. Once Again

Last week, we had yet another shooting. This time, the shooter was a disgruntled former employee of a news station, and his wrath was unleashed on an innocent cameraman and a reporter.

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The Lowdown on Ordinance 5781

Early voting for the Sept. 8 special election for a new civil rights ordinance began Tuesday.

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Getting More Exorcise

Nothing says “I’m over you” like a Saturday night text blitz of hate and real estate.