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‘Top Secret Shows’ Annouces Fall Performers

Two “Top Secret Shows” have been announced to take place in downtown Fayetteville to feature intimate, non-traditional venue shows with touring artists.

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Fayetteville Civil Rights Ordinance Passes

Here’s looking at you, all you Fayetteville LGBT people. The Uniform Civil Rights Protection ordinance was approved by popular vote Tuesday.

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Nappily Ever After

So what did he do before you moved in, just chain her to the radiator while he took a snooze?


On The Subject Of Refugees (And Something About Kim Davis)

The week has been a hard one. Early on, a dead little boy from Syria washed ashore in Turkey, and his image went viral.


Offshoot Film Festival To Feature 47 Films

Entering its sixth year as Fayetteville’s resident film festival this weekend, Offshoot Film Festival is looking its best yet. Originated by the local filmmaker group Seedling Film Association, Offshoot Film

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Tri Cycle Farms to Host 4th Pesto Fest

Got a thing for local and organic food? Well, there’s just the event for you this weekend. Tri Cycle Farms’ Pesto Fest returns for the fourth consecutive year and everyone


From Pen to Published

In the world of pens, words, and ink, a pitch is the first step leading to publication. It is an opportunity to sit down with a publisher, editor, or agent and talk about you and your project.

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Leopold’s City Folk: On Birthplace & Conservation

I was raised in many cities, in the fashion of migrating geese whose seasons have been extended into years-long springs and falls, moving across the states.

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Calling Humanity, Humanity in Crisis

There is a humanitarian crisis in Europe. Affecting the world. Thousands of refugees, forced out of their countries due to war, persecution, terrorism, injustices, slavery, violence, death squads, etc., seeking refuge & asylum in many European countries.