Embrace the Sun, Be Thankful

Embrace the Sun, Be Thankful

During this time of the year, when the days get shorter and darker and the world around us dies, I like to embrace the sun and all its energy, power and warmth. I wanted to dedicate this month’s fashion column to being thankful for the beauty of all people and our earth, sun and all that sustains us.

Whether you believe in the effects of global warming or not, it is no secret that our earth is hurting and that the weather can be absolutely extreme at times. If we as a new age culture can try and remember the ways of our ancestors and put our energy into loving and appreciating our earthly surroundings that have been given to us as gifts — so beautiful and powerful — it sure can’t hurt.

Obviously living smart and trying to use as little energy and resources as possible is what we should all be doing. Growing our own food, etc., would be ideal. Life is busy and it can be hard to do all that we know we should be doing, but let’s remember to take the time to really feel the Earths presence. Take your shoes off and feel the dirt beneath your feet, stand still in the grass and really soak up the sun into the depths of your soul, be grateful.

I believe we have control over our Earth’s well being. From the beginning of time indigenous people have been praising the sun, the rain and all that sustains us. Let’s not forget this in the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. Let’s be thankful.

Photos Courtesy of Sophie Odelia Bauer


The outfit and styling was put together to have a very neutral and tribal look. I was going for earth tones to go along with the feel of indigenous earth-loving comfortable wear. The fur neck-piece was thrifted and the root crown was foraged and the straw headpiece was from Hobby Lobby.


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