2014 Fashion Week Brings New Art Amiss Looks

2014 Fashion Week Brings New Art Amiss Looks
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Photo By Sophie Odelia Bauer
Flying Possum Leather wear and Mayapple Boutique clothing. Styling hair and make-up by Melissa Arens. Click the image for additional photos.

By Melissa Arens

This year for the 2014 Fashion Week, local nonprofit Art Amiss has put together quite a lineup! From the organizing and preparation in the beginning — from a small idea from a photo or an art piece, or a song that makes the creative inner spirits jump — to the intricate, final touches of the original outfits that are realized and displayed on stage, local fashion lovers are hard at work.

For Art Amiss, it takes seeking out individual artists and designers that would enjoy showing under and along side our looks, and then watching and mentoring them through their creative process. It’s also about seeking out small businesses that want to get an opportunity to be a part of Fashion Week on an artistic level.

This year, and every year since Fashion Week’s start in 2011, Art Amiss has collaborated with local artists and designers to put together a fun show for the public to enjoy! It is broken up into segments with each segment a different feel and designer/artist collaboration. Enjoy!

Line-up for 2014 Artamiss/NWAFW 2014:

1.) “The Boys” segment: expressing hard working men and cultures with a West coast Vibe

Put together and styled by Melissa Arens, Natalie Denton and Meleah Loyah. Our guests at Rock City Kicks will be showcasing some of their amazing shoes in this segment.

2. Flying Possum Leather: Bob Walker owner and a talented leather craftsman is showcasing leather making skills and traditional Birkenstock shoes. Also Trisha Guting’s leather jewelry designs with styling by Melissa Arens.

3. Amanda Hallam, Davines color educator and hair stylist at Mayapple Salon will be doing a color and hair design segment.

4. Badd Jaxx: Edgar Allen Poe meets the Disney Princesses: by Jaqueline Manhattan and Chadd Wilson.

5. “Transhumanism” segment: by Andrea Wise, Hair Stylist and Makeup artist at Mayapple Salon and Boutique is constructing wearable art forms out of hardware and metal, along with Meleah Loyah 10:09 designs.

6. “Bones” segment: by Natalie Denton (she has a fashion merchandise degree and has assisted Melissa Arens (fashion director for Artamiss for 3 years now), is putting together wearable bone pieces collaborating with Meleah Loyah 10:09 designs and Melissa Arens with styling.

7. “Light” segment: Meleah Loyah 10:09 designs is making hoods and Melissa Arens Crystal crown designs along with hair and makeup designs and styling by Melissa Arens.

We hope everyone enjoys the show that gets to attend and for those of you that don’t, here are a few photos for a sneak peek of what is shown in this years event!


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