Festival Fashion (On The Cheap)

Festival Fashion (On The Cheap)

Festival fashion is looking blindingly bright for 2013, as thinking outside of the box has earned us a number of head-turning stunners just in time for our beloved summer music festival season.

Whether you are hitting up Bonnaroo in Tennessee, staying stateside to hitch a ride to Wakarusa, or holding out for Lollapalooza in sticky Chicago in August, gone is the notion that a tie-dye and cut-offs need be your only (uninteresting, non-fashionable) uniform for the better part of a hard rockin’ week.

For mere pennies and some invaluable ingenuity, you can throw together a week’s worth of hot ‘haute’ looks that will have heads turning, plenty of other gals talking trash, and possibly land you a spot on stage with your favorite band singing impromptu back-up; because trust me, you WILL stand out among the countless hippies and drunk hipsters, commanding attention better than the prettiest pair of bazooms at Coachella. You can thank me later.

Find these designs and more at www.etsy.com/shop/emilysonemanband

Styling By Emily Smith

All Photography By Meredith Mashburn

Models: Raney Wilcox and Eleni Mauromoustakos

Fashion 1Shop the lingerie section: A two-pack of boy shorts in a sturdy micro knit transform into the BEST ‘bottoms’ you have ever owned. Add a vintage peek-a-boo lace dress and a dash of modesty via a unique crop top, and some tough snakeskin boots that anchor the outfit. Breezy, sexy layers — perfect for dancing! (1980s vintage lace dress, $5, GW.)





Fashion 2Go big or go home: Many ladies get hot at festivals and feel the need to shed layers and bare it all as they dance the night away. Hey, I’m down with the boobies, too, but why not plan ahead for all of your future flashing endeavors and bring along a trove of your finest neck pieces to cover your tiny bits? Boy shorts and a sheer, net vintage skirt will have you looking like a festival goddess in no time. (1980s full skirt, $5, GW.)







Fashion 4Never be afraid to wear white: If you are in search of a certain head-turner when lost in a sea of countless, other shirtless wonders, grab your sexiest white jacket to cover up. Boy shorts + statement necklace + one VERY long piece of red leather cord = World’s Sexiest Swimsuit. Only for the bold, of course. (Vintage white linen jacket, $5 GW.)







Fashion 6Don’t forget the silk and linen: Summer’s most luxurious, breathable and forgiving fabrics offer a classier alternative to a dirty t-shirt, short skirt and some Uggs. (Vintage linen jacket, $5, GW.)



Fashion 9Ethereal is where it’s at: Looking like a Waka Goddess is easy when florals are your fancy. A one-piece maillot in punchy orange florals is utter festival fantasy when topped with a billowing, sheer skirt in contrasting purple floral. (1980s halter bathing suit, $4, GW. 1970s vintage floral skirt, $2, GW.)




Fashion 8Don’t forget your coat: It gets down right cold at night, even in the blistering summertime. Make use of your best jacket by pairing it with your sexiest swim suit! Your top half will stay toasty and warm while your bottom half can continue to keep heads’ a turning. (1960s Mouton Fur, $8, GW.)

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