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Family Friendly

All-Ages Arcades Back From Dead In NWA, Better Than Ever

By Daniel McFaden Two kids and one grown man occupy a bright orange couch at the back of the room playing Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo respectively. Three girls, no

Legacy Archive

Local And National Activism Leads To Arrests And Injuries At Pipeline

Staff Report Early morning on June 24, eight individuals — including OMNI Center of Fayetteville members Joanna Pollock and David Garcia — blocked construction of a pump station for TransCanada’s

Family Friendly

A Secret Getaway To Tribal Sport, Simplicity

By Tanya Giraldo Hidden in the corner between two creeks, Wattle and Lee, near Devil’s Den State Park is the Wattle Hollow Retreat Center where one might find some very

Making Ripples

Sun Tea and Solar Cookers

By Amanda Bancroft There’s nothing like letting the sun be your chef, free of charge! With the proper safety measures, making sun tea and cooking with solar energy can enhance


An Inside Look At The Life Of An Immigrant

By Terrah Baker A trip to Arizona last week opened my eyes to a part of society I have only witnessed from afar, with interest, yet not a lot of

Cover Story

Prism Schools Offer Alternative Learning For A Better Future

It Takes a Community By Tanya Giraldo Immediately upon entering the doors of the Prism Learning Center, there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere compared to a public school’s.


Aging Gracefully

“I noticed that the women on the cover had all been given digital face lifts so that they looked 30 years younger. I’m pretty sure even the creases on their

Advice Risa's Astrology

Venus Enters Leo, the Luminous Creative Mind

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of June 27-July 3, 2013 Venus enters Leo Thursday. Everyone’s creativity, all different, awakens the next thirty days. We’ll be bold and expressive with

Advice Advice Goddess

The Upgradest Love Of All

“With the prospect of permanence on the horizon, everything suddenly became clear: One road leads to a lifetime battling for your cash and attention, and the other” By Amy Alkon