3 Penny Acre Does It Again, But Different

3 Penny Acre Does It Again, But Different

Three Penny AcreBy Terrah Baker

A band is like a relationship, said 3 Penny Acre singer and bass player Bernice Hembree. Like any good relationship, it evolves. When you’re trained and talented musicians like the three members of 3 Penny Acre, that evolution takes the form of new sounds, songs and a style all their own, yet based on America’s melting pot of folk music.

A little bit modern pop country, a little bit bluegrass and a lot Folk Americana, 3 Penny Acre’s newest album, “Rag and Bone,” is a change from the band’s last two albums.

“With this album we really wanted to change it up a bit. It has a rockin’ feel and a drive that we haven’t had before,” Bernice said.

Part of the new sound comes from percussion accompaniment by local musician Ezra Idlet who plays with Trout Fishing in America, along with their own addition of electric guitar.

“Hearing what the percussion adds to the music sparked with us and gave us the vision we needed for this album,” Bernice said.

When the band first started in 2006, no one knew what it would become today. But the group’s musical compatibility has once again allowed them to make an album that’s clean, catchy and commemorative of the old-timey sounds of the past.

Although the band has decided to not release the album for sale online until July, they’re making the album available for a “first listen” at KUAF’s website and selling the CD’s at their live shows to be held throughout the season. Luckily, TFW has a copy to give away to one lucky winner.

Here’s how to win: Listen to the band’s album “Rag and Bone” by visiting www.kuaf.org/music. Once you have chosen your favorite song, send the name in an email (editorfreekly@gmail.com) or text 479-387-8794 along with your name and contact information. Contestants are entered into a random drawing and the winner will be announced Wednesday, April 17.

To check out more on 3 Penny Acre, their music and tour dates, visit www.3pennyacre.com

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