Getting Comfortable With Personal Style

Getting Comfortable With Personal Style

By Melissa Arens

After having the privilege of being submerged and working in our local fashion community for the past 10 years, I would have to say what’s been the most interesting and what’s had the most influence on my sharp fashionista eye is the recognition of everyone’s individual/original style.

This community, as well as any others I have visited and lived in over the span of my life, including Seattle and Portland, Ore., Denver to Los Angeles, people’s individual/original style is what creates the fashion scene. Trends will come and go, but true style comes from the artist within, from the individual taking a trend, several trends, and expressing their own original style.

For this reason, it’s my privilege to highlight three stylish local individuals who have their own original style and stand out in our quaint fashion community.

Fashion 1-11. Jessica Taylor is a single mother of two beautiful boys, and a full-time teacher for adult education. She rents a humble, but artsy historical home in downtown Fayetteville. Her style/fashion statement is very practical with a vintage flare. She makes looking tastefully casual a breeze.






Fashion 2-2

2. Jade Howard, a fashion photographer, has a simple “Texas meets southern California style,” blue jeans, facial scruff, old-school refurbished leather boots and high-end sunglasses. He screams individual/original style without trying too hard.





Fashion 3-13. Tyler Casford is a hottie who works as a personal assistant/receptionist for Wilson & Wilson. She’s recently been on the runway at NWAFW/Art amiss 2013, Badd Jaxx segment. She is definitely not afraid to express herself through what she wears!

“Fashion is not just about where you go shopping to find your wardrobe, it’s an entire lifestyle! Express your inner self and enjoy who you are, because we are all original.”
— Melissa Arens

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