Call to the End-of-the-World-as-We-Know-It Order

Drop Quote: “Bureaucratic committees cannot match the capabilities of enlightened, determined individuals. … You know who you are. Don’t wait to be called to order. “
Dear Editor:

The Human Condition over its history has been measured by the threat of catastrophes and or the redemption therefrom. Of late, the Mayan calendar has morphed into contemporary concerns regarding Earth changes, plate tectonics, magnetic pole shift, etc. Fridat, late morning will mark the beginning of the winter solstice, a yearly seasonal occurrence. The Mayan long count calendar of 23,000-plus years refers to this date as a pivot point marking the ending of the fifth Katun, and the beginning of another time cycle and its attendant lessons for us.

The global catastrophe potential is astronomically explained by a solar mass ejection, a solar flare being much smaller. The electromagnetic force from such an ejection would indeed decimate all electronic responses on our planet. Astronomic study has confirmed flares and ejections have occurred with attendant phenomenon. The Maya knew this, and in their own glyptic writing recorded it for future generations.

Much more information would be available to us now had it not been destroyed en mass by the Spanish priests, who had no idea what it was, but deemed it heretical by fiat. The probability of a mass ejection is the most likely occurrence, as several major planets, including our own, will be aligned with each other and the center of our galaxy. This is the 23,000-plus year alignment.

The most simple example of this influence can be seen in a grade-school physics experiment by holding a sheet of paper horizontally, with iron filings scattered about the surface, while holding a few magnets underneath. The magnet/planet relationship is analogous to what will peak at this time, and certainly creates prime conditions for a solar ejection toward our planet, especially since our protective magnetosphere has been progressively weakening since the advent of the industrial age.

This is simply “setting the stage” contemporaneously, but the effects of this cosmic juncture have been occurring for some time.

Using the paper, iron filings, magnetic example can also explain, in part, the magnetic affects on the human brain. This may also be seen in a comparison between the human body and an MRI. The influence of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging causes the body to emit radio waves, which produce much sharper images than the traditional X-ray film procedure, both lasting only a few minutes.

The planet/magnet effect on humans has been in process for some greater length of time, best seen in its effect on brain/emotion function and its consequent erratic patterns of behavior. The most disturbing are, unfortunately, newsworthy. Human tragedy pales in comparison to radical geologic changes, and the twain may meet. They may have met in the past, as reflected by historic predictions of the Hopi Indians and the Mayan Katun of a new beginning. Edgar Cayce predicted destruction by high winds and violent weather changes, with the U.S. being hardest hit. These historic perceptions should suffice, although there are many others for your study.

Our indifference, ecologically, to our planet, our ethnic separatism, religious arrogance, battery-dependent mentality leave us unprepared to pick up the pieces of a planetwide catastrophe, if there are any pieces left. In life it’s not what happens, but when.

Old patterns of reactive behavior, rather than considered, thoughtful responses are revealing their emptiness, hundreds of wars at a time. We are the heirs of the human history we have created. Bureaucratic committees cannot match the capabilities of enlightened, determined individuals.

You know who you are. Don’t wait to be called to order.

John Keary

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