Bringing Local Taste To Water Filtration

Bringing Local Taste To Water Filtration

Owners and employee of Nature’s Water in Fayetteville.

Staff Report

Learning about water contamination is never a pleasant experience, especially when it’s first-hand. Moshe and Hamsa Newmark recall theirs as being the stint in Central America during a humanitarian aid trip.

“The focus was helping to build potable water systems … Bacterial contamination was a huge problem in Central America. Infant mortality rates were going through the roof. Flash forward to the States; we realized water wasn’t that great here,” said Moshe.

Things like agricultural, chemical and carcinogenic waste were problems the U.S. was facing. Their entrepreneurial spirits led them to open what they hoped would be a store fulfilling a need for clean water.

“We thought this is fabulous. It’s something that is needed and people who buy our products will be buying something that is good for them, and we want to sell them at an affordable price,” Moshe explained.

What began as a niche market in filtration for showerheads, turned into a sub-niche in being the first company to nationally market a non-disposable shower filter. They advertised in national magazines because at the time there was no online market. They started getting hundreds of orders a day. Today, they marry different products to create something new and unique, like the oxygenating showerhead.

“It’s self-pressurized, works similar to a jet engine taking ambient air around the tip of the showerhead and putting it back into the water, atomizing it, so when it comes out the oxygen in that air is more available,” Moshe explained.

But Hamsa and Moshe admit the market is somewhat flooded with water filtration systems, and now there are so many other great “green” products to offer. Their son and daughter-in-law, Hari and Rochelle Newmark, plan to expand the product line and reach out more to their local community.

“It’s always been a ‘green’ business. We use 100 percent post-consumer paper, we re-use all the boxes we can. We cut our costs by not having to pay for packing materials since we reuse what we have,” Hari explained.

They’ll soon start to expand the product line to many items that help create a healthy home. Rochelle said the thing she thinks makes the shop especially unique is the knowledge about water filtration and the products they sell.

“You can go to any store and pick something out, but is there someone who can help you or educate you,” she asked.

On Nov. 10 through Nov. 16, the Newmark family and Nature’s Water on Huntsville Road in Fayetteville will be holding a sale, from 20 to 50 percent off all items in the store. Because they seek to make their products affordable already, Hamsa said this is a great opportunity to get started on the benefits of purifying water.

“The difference between the water filter you buy here and the Walmart or Lowe’s models, is you have to change theirs all the time. So, when you add up all the money and the hassle, they’re actually more expensive,” Hamsa said.

Nature’s Water is located at 275 E. Huntsville Rd. For more information, or to ask about water filtration, call 479-521-7786.

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