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Leading Humanity Towards the Light

We have a busy & complex week. Friday, at the UN, the first General Assembly Forum on the Culture of Peace is convened. See Peace building tools and events –


Cox's Mistruths "Misleading"

When I talked with Jerry Cox of the Family Council Action Committee (FCAC) for the medical marijuana story published on Aug. 23, I was shocked by his “misleading” statements.

Cover Story

Community Radio Goes Beyond Profit

By Terrah Baker After 1996, something changed in the radio industry. Filmmaker Kevin McKinney noticed the changes, as he watched one of his favorite local stations out of Lawrence, Kan.,


Plena Libre

Staff Report The Free Weekly and Walton Arts Center are at it again with a ticket giveaway for the first 10×10 Arts Series performance, Plena Libre. This group is world-renowned

Family Friendly

Roots Grow Deeper

“This event has community soul …the organizers and volunteers are the ones to be commended. I knew this would be a jewel in Fayetteville’s Crown.”

— Gregory Sparrow, Fayetteville


Walker, Texas Wanker

I’ve always suspected that Chuck Norris was a little too far right to be sane, but the video I just watched proves it.


Charliehorse’s Last Ride (For Awhile)

Roots rock band, Charliehorse, has become something of a staple here in their hometown of Fayetteville, along with a steady following beyond Northwest Arkansas.


Toys in the Attic Director Calls Fayetteville Home

Staff Report Toys in the Attic, with voice actors like Forest Whitaker and Joan Cusack, has received wild acclaim for its creativity with stop-action cinematography among the characteristics to be

Legacy Archive

Car-Free Living: a Bumpy Road?

By Amanda Bancroft After considering alternative forms of transportation, such as magic carpets and pixie dust, Ryan and I eventually settled on bicycling, walking, carpooling, riding the Ozark Regional Transit

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Alive And Welded

Your girlfriend makes intestinal parasites seem like bong-hitting slackers.

It sounds so nice when a woman tells you she always wants to be by your side — until you realize that she means like your ear or your right arm.