Secondhand Style

Secondhand Style

Get The Look:
All clothing can be found at Plato’s Closet with a new location off of East Rolling Hills Drive.
Stylist: Staci Deal with Plato’s
Makeup and Hair: Melissa Arens at Mayapple Botique
Photographer: Bob Cochran

Britni Ayers, psychology professor at UofA
Olive green blazer: $23
Skirt: $12
Ankle boots: $40
Frida Kahlo necklace: $25 (Mayapple)

Caitlin Cooper, full-time UofA student
Black Suede Boots: $20
Onemanband bow: $18 (Mayapple)
Everything else: $16 or less (Plato’s)

Living a second-hand lifestyle now-a-days means you’re savvy enough to know how to look amazing, while being financially practical. Let’s face it, most of us can’t go spend $80 on one shirt while milk costs $4 a gallon. So when we can score clothing for under $16 that’s still fashionable and fun, why not take advantage? Besides, the searching is half the adventure, with treasures hidden around every garment. Who wants first-hand when you can look this good and save?

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