Prostitution Sting

Prostitution Sting

Earlier today, the Fayetteville Police Department conducted a sting operation in response to a lead that a Website was being used to facilitate prostitution. TFW was unable to verify the name of the Website, but authorities report that the online offers for sex were poorly cloaked.

Sergeant Craig Sout said that it took only a few hours of investigation to launch to sting operation and make four arrests.

The FPD investigated two hotel/motels.

Brigitte Hawkins, 24 of Bethel Heights and Amanda Haynes, 21 of Fort Smith were arrested for prostitution. The two women were working independently, with no known association with one another. The third woman involved, Shauna Hosotetler of Springdale, was charged with third degree prostitution for  driving a woman to the hotel in exchange for half of the money earned from the prostituion.

Joe Jackson, 32 of Springdale was arrested for solicitation.

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