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Speak for the Trees

Speak for the Trees — that’s the theme of four separate events planned for this year’s Earth Day celebration in Fayetteville. The Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology, along with Omni UA, the Sierra Club and other environmental activists are joining forces to bring you four informative and entertaining Earth Day events focused on an appreciation of tree

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Into Focus

Your Media, the nonprofit service provider for Fayetteville Public Access Television, is taking applications for its new Into Focus project. The project is taking applications from young members and allies of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and Latino communities.

8 Days a Week

NAMA Conference

The RockIT Music Conference that will be held later this month has announced its panelists.


The 1 oz. Jig

NWA’s favorite funk band is gearing up for an 11-day tour that will cross four states.


Financial Statement

The media is full of bull, and they like it that way. Read more about wading through it all and making solid financial decisions.


Ivory Tower

How Blair discovered she was being a selfish bitch and needed to learn to cooperate to better serve her community.


Curious Crow

High school student gets expelled for tweeting the “f” word. Rachel gives school officials an “f” for overreacting.

Advice Advice Goddess

Stare Way to Heaven

A guy wrote you about a girl he sees at a coffee shop — a girl he suspects is out of his league. You said the way to know for sure is by asking her out. Bad Advice Goddess! This suggests that he should regard all women with whatever she’s got — like if she’s “too beautiful” — as out of his league. That just isn’t right. There’s probably a “too beautiful” woman out there who’d go for him.

— Irked

Advice Risa's Astrology

A Full Moon and Farewell to a Fierce Poet

Good Friday is also the Full moon, solar festival of Aries (all things new). The Light of Aries is the Light of Life Itself summoning the Spirit of Restoration to “Restore the Plan on Earth.” The New Group of World Servers, reciting the Great Invocation, calls humanity to identify as World Disciple, World Server and World Savior with an invitation to join the NGWS to help “Restore the Plan on Earth.” This is humanity’s “Call to Resurrection.”

Cover Story

Food Fights

A firm divide amongst the seven Ozark Natural Food board members has created a majority alliance that recently resulted in the termination of general manager and longtime employee Alysen W. Land.