Bobby's Crash

If you type “Arkansas” into the Google search engine, “Razorbacks” is the word that pops up right next to it.

Our UA football team is one of the cornerstones of our identity as Arkansans, for better or for worse.

Poor Bobby Petrino. After the story broke about his 25 year-old lady friend, his public face became as raw and tender as his actual face.

So what do we think about it at The Free Weekly? I don’t really care what Bobby Petrino does in his personal life. He gets paid to coach a football team.

Which, consequently, I don’t care about either. (Though I know 99 percent of the Arkansas public does, so I’m the odd man out.)

I regret that Petrino’s actions perpetuate the Bill Clinton/JFK stereotype of ruddy-faced men in power who boink the young, pretty underlings. That being said, Jessica Dorrell’s life is essentially f***ed now. Her pending marriage is probably kaput. And good luck finding a job within another athletic program after this, Ms. Dorrell.

Before yesterday, nobody knew who she was, but now, and even 20 years from now, if she introduces herself in Arkansas, she’ll hear, “Oh, weren’t you on the back of Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle?”

In fact, I can see an Arkansan double entendre being born. We’ll start saying, of that other woman, “She rides on the back of so-and-so’s motorcycle….”

It’s just too bad that when you f*** up (as in, your superiors), it can f*** up your life this royally.

So yeah, can the man. Fire him. Let his indiscretion be as much of a blight on his reputation as it will be on this woman. After all, if they take the ride together, they risk the crash together.

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