Q&A with Matt Enlow – Web Series Creator

Q&A with Matt Enlow – Web Series Creator

Courtesy Photo: Matt Enlow at the Squaresville Premier.

Q Explain the concept of a Web series. Is this a part of “indie television” or a new trend? Why did you choose to use this medium?

A You can think of a Web series like a short TV show made for the Internet, but ideally with more social community and independent spirit. It’s part of a movement of independent creators looking to create unique entertainment in the democratic ecosystem that is the Internet.

I was drawn to the Web as a medium because it’s the new frontier in entertainment. I grew up thinking that I’d be an independent filmmaker, but now you can have the same sort of creative freedom independents discovered in the ’90s online. In writing “Squaresville,” I had the freedom to explore avenues that I knew wouldn’t fly on TV. But this is the Internet — it’s sink or swim — and it’s up to me to make a great show that people will respond to.

Q What advice do you have for anyone who would be interested in creating a Web series?

A The wonderful thing about a Web series, is that there’s room for every style of production. You’re seeing tremendous productions coming from all over the world. People with giant productions are on the same platform as people creating something themselves at home. The thing that I think is appealing about “Squaresville” isn’t its production value or scale, it’s that a group of like-minded people got together to make something meangingful. That’s what people respond to, the ideas behind the show. Meaningful media isn’t centralized to New York or LA anymore, it’s everywhere. So if you want to make art of any sort, the challenge is in creating something that people will connect with, and less about “who you know” or where you are. So make your art, hone your craft, and tell everyone you can about it. Opportunities will arise from there.

Q Why high school? What is it about this time period that you’re trying to capture?

A I set out to make a show that I would have wanted to see as a young person. Feeling weird or misunderstood is part of adolescence, but it’s rarely validated by mass media. We all feel alienated or weird at some time or another, and high school is the perfect playground to explore those ideas.

Q Why did you choose to write the show from the viewpoint of a girl?

A The point of view was always something that was crystal clear to me. I think it had to be grounded by these two girls, because teen boys are so out of their heads at that age. I needed people who had perspective and maturity to contrast the outlandish kids they interact with.

There’s also the idea that young, smart women are too often ignored by mass media. If you’re writing about universal ideas, then why not open your show up to an audience that’s hungry for smart, funny programming?

Q And of course, can you give me the details of how often the show is aired, where people can find it, and cool things to get involved with the show.

A New videos come out every Friday on YouTube.com/SquaresvilleSeries.

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