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Courtesy Photo: Madonna dropped her new album, "MDNA" on Monday. The album topped the charts in over 40 countries, including the United States


A Convo with my Imaginary Twitter Fans

Madonna recently hopped on Twitter for a single day to promote the drop of her new album.

That being said, I’m going to steal some of the questions her fans asked her, and I’m going to answer them. Who knows why? Maybe I just want to be Madonna. Maybe I didn’t feel like spending hours researching international politics today. Whatever the case, here are my answers, and you can follow me @hiBLAIRious. It’s my personal Twitter, so don’t expect anything P.C. If you want P.C. (or the alternative version of it) you can follow me as an editor @freekly.




Q Where are u now and what ru wearing?

A NWA Media office. Leopard print pencil skirt, black T-neck with cap sleeves and a cardi.


Q What u think about Katy Perry ?

A Big boobs. Fun music.


Q Who’s your favorite electronic music producer right now?

A Danger Mouse


Q What is your guilty pleasure?

A Jersey Shore. GTL.


Q Would you ever go vegan ?

A In the words of the late Whitney Houston, “Hell to the no.”


Q What cellphone do you own?

A iPhone4. I’m addicted.


Q Favorite cereal from childhood?

A It’s a toss-up between Lucky Charms and Count Chocula.


Q What’s your favorite Britney Spears song?

A I’m a Slave for You


Q Would you star in Kill Bill 3 if Tarantino made it?

A Without hesitation. Well, maybe after P90X. Those ninja suits are clingy.


Q What do you think about Justin Bieber ?

A You mean Aaron Carter?


Q The one thing you would NEVER do?

A Pearl diving.

To check out Madonna’s answers to these questions (and more) you can visit  Madonna MDNA Day on Twitter.

I mean yeah, she’s a superstar, but our answers are probably equally entertaining.


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