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Well it’s that profit taking and making time of the year. For some, like those who burn up the diesel fuel like J.B. Hunt Transportation, this is the best time of the year.
The Lowell-based carrier and their intermodal group posted record high profit this past week. The earnings per share went above the analyst-predicted levels — again — a good thing for the struggling economic engine of Northwest Arkansas.

Not everyone’s numbers are good this time of the year. Walmart, for example, is focused on the holidays, but the late summer usually makes a real “dip” in their retail numbers. While trying to be positive this past week, officials with the world’s largest retailer said Walmart has “turned the corner.”  Well, let’s all hope so. If there is going to be economic recovery in this county (and the world) let’s hope the world’s largest retailer can get it done.

No pig jokes please. Walmart is in a jam in China, shuttering several stores after a scandal involving incorrect labeling of pork products. The Central Government in China is putting the pressure on the stores and actually hinting that the local folks who mislabeled the products might get jail time.

Online sales tax?
Just ask Northwest Arkansas U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, who is a fan.
In fact, the radio wave warbler of the Congressman, who last sat in the Mayor’s chair for the City of Rogers, introduced a bill to empower states to collect sales taxes from Amazon and other online retailers. It is called the “Market Place Equity Act of 2011.”  Daddy says watch this bill.
Sources in the Arkansas State Government — all the way to the Governor’s Office — sure do like this bill.

Tar up the runways at Drake Field before someone falls in one of them cracks, Daddy W. says.
Local airplane owners and others were complaining about the runway at Drake Field being closed down to make repairs.
Well duh…
That runway — and all others — needs to be in tip-top shape, don’t you think? A “runway rejuvenation” is needed, City offices say.
Van Buren-based Time Striping will do the work next week (Oct. 24-25) and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The tarmac will be closed for repairs.

Even with perfect weather, some craft fair venues looked less than full this past weekend.  Maybe it is the economy. Maybe it’s time to reinvent the craft’s fair event. Oh, yeah, the Granddaddy of them all, War Eagle, probably doesn’t need a reinvent. But just how many of those rolling ducks made from tire rubber and pine can one kid have?

Watch for the Springdale Cops to have a classier looking ride as they retire the last of the Crown Victoria models from Ford. The new SUV Police Vehicles don’t really look like cop cars. They look more like Federal Vehicles. It is just the local police pulling you over. Not the FBI, INS or U.S. Marshal — so pull over.

Yarnell’s Ice Cream’s bankruptcy trustee will soon auction off its real estate. That move will affect Northwest Arkansas. Several of the Searcy-based ice cream warehouse locations in Northwest Arkansas will be on the auction block. And can you believe it, Walgreen’s stores still have some of the Yarnell products for sale. Check that expiration date folks — it is bound to be getting close.

Daddy W. has heard that a local gadfly CPA might be a GOPer for State House District 92. More on this later.

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