Daddy Warbucks

Never say that State Rep. Uvalde Lindsey, D-Fayetteville, misses a chance to cover the (his political) bases. Already he has held a brief, donut meet-and-greet following a Political Animals event at the Clarion Inn in Fayetteville. There were lots of old Fayetteville friends there — some Daddy knows to be card-carrying GOPers.

Now some “friends of Uvalde” are hosting a fund raiser at a private home in Springdale — sort of outside his bailiwick, but that’s OK. However, the decision to put former GOP candidate Bootsie Ackerman (who ran for the same senate seat) on the full-color flyer, smiling and shaking hands with the new candidate, has caused a little stir. Note the word “little.” Some of those involved with the fallout from the Ackerman/Madison Senate tussle a few years ago were taken aback at the photo.

But again, never let one underestimate state Rep. Lindsey’s (soon to be state Sen. Lindsey) acumen to politics.

Still on politics — just wait, there is some business in this week’s wanderings — Congressman Tim Griffin, R-Little Rock, will be making his Northwest Arkansas Political Animals debut on Oct. 21 at the Clarion Inn. Breakfast is $9 and that’s for the breakfast. There are no Political Animal Club dues, according to Richard Hudson, who spearheads this mix of political speakers while working his day job at the University of Arkansas.

Uh, oh. Wells Fargo, Regions Bank and US Bank better watch their step. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is about to jump on these financial institutions for offering that old, slick version of PAY DAY LOANS. Remember folks, these high interest pay day loan scams were outlawed in 2008 by the state Supremes. General McDaniel — needing a good, meaty topic to flank his run for the governor’s office in 2014 — seems ready to pounce.

No fees?! It didn’t take local banks in Northwest Arkansas long to say there will be no ATM fees or hidden fees charged on debit cards. Even ArVest with almost 11 percent of the deposits in the area isn’t too big to see that such fees, even when legal, are not good for business. Or good for its smallest customers.

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