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Checking The Frozen Dude Section

Men’s magazines and blogs always have some article telling guys to pick up women at grocery stores. Really?

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscope: Aug. 8

As we progress through Mercury retrograde, the past shows up for remembrance and review.

In The News Music

Rick Gets Rolled To WAC

Because of the extreme, badass, awful tortuous heat, the Rick Springfield concert has been moved from the Arkansas Music Pavilion to the Walton Arts Center.

In The News

Sales Tax Special Election

The council approved 7-0 to sending the sales tax extension to Fayetteville voters in a special election.


“Eve” Chardonnay

The world’s most famous white wine grape is capable of producing very different styles of wine when grown in different places, and when different winemaking techniques are applied.


Damgoode Kudos

Damgoode Pie’s “The Stuffy Underdog” pizza is being featured as one of Food Network Magazine’s 50 best pies in the country.