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Hold Me, Tightwad

My boyfriend moved in with me after his landlord raised his rent. He announced that he’d give me $400 a month (half of what he was paying at his place), then cut that to $350.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscope: Aug. 11

The full moon, Leo solar festival, is Saturday around noon (Pacific time). Leo calls us to a self-identity, which then allows us to choose, in this worldwide critical time.

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Summer Diversity

Summer Diversity events took place Aug. 5-8 in Eureka Springs. On Saturday, celebrators — and one detractor — gathered in the Basin Spring Park area in a public display of affection for equality.


Local To Open Brewery

J.T. Wampler is on the verge of opening his own beer brewery in south Fayetteville. If all goes according to plan, area folk will be sipping on the nectar offered at the Tanglewood Branch Beer Co.


Wasted Potential In 'The Help'

“The Help” is a good movie that could have been a great movie, which for a critic can actually be more frustrating than watching a flat-out terrible movie.


Double Dip

By Chris O’Mara


Verizon Strike

By Chris O’Mara


'Apes' Triumphant Return

The Beatles knew the best way to revive a moribund movie franchise: Get back to where you once belonged.

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'Catherine' A Pretty Nightmare

“Catherine” is an unusual experiment in gaming. It’s a sexy yet moralistic horror-romance.


Fall Into Fashion

It’s hard to envision the turning of the leaves and the brisk mornings of October as sweat drips from every crevice in the dead heat of summer, but, alas, it will soon once again be time to break out the cold weather gear.