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MBotW: Groovement

Group to celebrate first CD at George’s

By Richard Davis

TFW Staff Writer



Local band Groovement will celebrate the release of its first CD at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6 at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville. The first 100 through the door will get the CD for free. After that, anyone buying the $10 CD can skip paying the $5 cover charge. Oh, and Jon Shorter Band and Isayah’s All-Stars will be there too.

Groovement is comprised of Alex Carr (lead vocals), Bryan Burkhart (drums, vocals), Trey Burkett (percussion, guitar, vocals), Randy Soller (bass, vocals), Adam Becker (keyboard, vocals) and Jacob Johnson (sax, guitar, vocals). The guys took the time to read some nonsense questions and reply to them.

TFW: So how did Groovement come to be and how long have you been together?

Groovement: We’ve been together since 2009. Bryan hand-selected the guys he believed were musically the best fit to form a group, but more importantly, would work together as a team. The first album is the culmination of a year of taking positive steps in the right direction.

TFW: If Groovement was pavement, what would our highways look like?

Groovement: A highway of gold with platinum stripes that is fast and curvy, lots of hills, a few valleys, and you never know when a semi will be in the wrong lane coming straight toward you.

TFW: Are all your songs as up-tempo and full of pizzazz as “Preach What You Teach”? If so, I’m replacing my 5-Hour Energy drink addiction with Groovement tunes.

Groovement: Yeah, most of the songs are upbeat, but we did try to make the album as much of an emotional roller coaster as possible while still keeping continuity. Having a lot of upbeat, positive songs reflects the attitudes of the band members.  We have a great time playing and making music together.

TFW: Is this the first CD for Groovement? What can people expect with this release?

Groovement: Yes. You can expect high-energy funk rock with an organic instrumentation and catchy melodies.

TFW: Alex Carr got to participate in “American Idol” for a while. Though Simon Cowell has left the show, through that connection does the band live in fear of a possible hole in the space/time continuum through which the disembodied voice of a pompous British twit constantly nitpicks its every performance?

Groovement: We were worried about that, but recently Trey bought an abundance of flux capacitors off eBay and Jacob has been hoarding some plutonium that his dogs dug up in his backyard for a couple years now. So, we’re not real fearful of the whole space/time continuum thing … think we got it covered.

TFW: You describe yourselves as having a “sound like Stevie Wonder and Robert Randolph ate some New Orleans Red Hot Chili Peppers.” I actually had to look up Robert Randolph on Google. How lame does that make me?

Groovement: Music is about discovery, hearing something new every day, finding out what makes you move, developing different tastes and feelings. If that makes you lame then go for it!

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