Cooling Stations Set Up

Temperature could reach 110

By Richard Davis

TFW Staff Writer


Cooling stations have been set up in Washington County to help with the heat.

The following locations have agreed to provide a cool location for those needing to get in a cool environment from the heat, and each is available during their regular business hours:

  • Yvonne Richardson Center, 240 E Rock St, Fayetteville
  • Fayetteville Senior Center, 945 S College Ave , Fayetteville
  • Fayetteville Public Library, 401 W. Mountain St., Fayetteville
  • Northwest Arkansas Mall, 4201 North Shiloh Drive, Fayetteville
  • Springdale’s John Powell Senior Center, 610 E Grove Ave, Springdale
  • Springdale Youth Center, 600 Ash Street Springdale


In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s going to be @#$%ing hot out there today. Don’t believe me? Well, the city of Fayetteville sent out a news release that the summer heat could sit at a roasting 105 to 110 degrees today. So there. Seriously, it’s going to be bad with the high humidity so be careful and don’t boil your brain if you have to be outdoors. Here’s some tips from the city and area health experts on staying safe.

“Today at 3:30 p.m., Central EMS alerted the City of Fayetteville that Washington County is under a heat advisory.  Afternoon heat index values will continue to range from 105 to 110 degrees through Tuesday.  The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are possible.

The Fayetteville Board of Health has devised a heat emergency plan to increase awareness of heat dangers and reduce heat-related injuries. When paramedics respond to three or more patients suffering from suspected heat-related illness in a 24-hour period, a Heat Alert will be issued if the weather pattern is expected to continue.

Additionally, National Weather Service (NWS) advisories are called when the daytime heat index soars to/over 105 degrees and nighttime ambient temperatures of 75 degrees or more persist for two days or longer.

When issuing a heat alert or advisory, Central EMS or NWS will provide local media outlets with health and safety information relating to hot weather, and the Washington County Department of Emergency Management (WCDEM) will notify area public safety agencies of the increased danger.

If a heat alert or advisory extends into a third consecutive day, WCDEM will designate a list of facilities that will be utilized as cooling stations.   Central EMS and WCDEM will hold a joint news conference to announce cooling station openings to the public and address heat hazards and the short-term outlook.

Individuals are urged to take extra precautions on Heat Alert days, including:

  • ·        Reduce outdoor activity, particularly during the late morning and afternoon hours.
  • ·        Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption, and increase your water intake.
  • ·        Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.
  • ·         Spend as much time as possible in an air-conditioned environment; visit a library, indoor shopping mall, community center or other such venue if you don’t have air-conditioning at home.
  • ·        Pay close attention to individuals who are at increased risk for heat-related illness, including young children (under age 4), senior citizens, and people with chronic medical conditions such as heart disease or high blood pressure, and outdoor laborers.
  • ·        Never, ever leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside.  Central EMS advises people to, when possible, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening and know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or aid-conditioned environments, and anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location.  Heat stroke is an emergency warranting a 911 call.

As with all emergencies, it is helpful to obtain a NOAA Weather Radio for the latest information concerning this and other weather-related emergencies.  Additional weather information can also be found at

Also, the City of Fayetteville asks all residents and businesses to sign up for Emergency Alerts at by going to the top of the homepage and clicking on the emergency alerts and information button and subscribing to the City of Fayetteville emergency alerts.”

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