Live Music: July 8

Live Music In Fayetteville & NWA


The Shady Janes tonight at Rogue in Fayetteville. Check out "Silence and the Sway" at

Buffalo Wild Wings, Fayetteville: Karaoke (9 p.m.)
Billy’s Bar & Grill, Fayetteville: Obleo
Foghorn’s, Fayetteville: Ben Coulter
George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: The Bel Airs (6-8 p.m.), The Steve Pryor Band (7-9 p.m.), Salsa Night with Calle Soul (9 p.m.)
Greenhouse Grille, Fayetteville: Matt Smith
Hooters, Fayetteville: Quinn Talkin’
JJ’s, Fayetteville: TJ Scarlett
Jose’s, Fayetteville: 6 Speed Overdrive
JR’s Lightbulb Club, Fayetteville: Redeem Hardison, Voyageurs, Saint Huck
Rogue, Fayetteville: The Shady Janes
Rufino’s, Fayetteville: Pamela Nelson
Smoke & Barrel, Fayetteville: Memphis Pencils, Messy Sparkles album releases
Teatro Scarpino, Fayetteville: DJ Tonny and salsa dancing (8 p.m.)
West End, Fayetteville: Keith Nicholson, Cameron Meshell (10 p.m.)
Boston’s, Bentonville: Karaoke
Celtic Grill: Jon Knox
Chelsea’s, Eureka Springs: Big Smith
Pied Piper, Eureka Springs: Grouv Therapy
Rockin’ Pig, Eureka Springs: SXREX
Landry’s, Fort Smith: Honey Shine
Neumeier’s Rib Room, Fort Smith: The Space Rockers (9 p.m.)
JJ’s, Prairie Creek: Wes and Karl
Bayou, Rogers: Trick Bag (9:30 p.m.)
Eddie Haskell’s, Rogers: DJ Chris Barnes
JJ’s, Rogers: Jason Strode
Buffalo Wild Wings, Springdale: Jay Yates
Jose’s, Springdale: Charliehorse


Arsaga’s on Crossover, Fayetteville: Matt Knoble
Foghorn’s, Fayetteville: Amber & Emma
George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: Mudstomp Records festival with Mountain Sprout, Ben Miller Band, Fast Food Junkies, Deadman Flats, The Whistle Pigs, Tyrannosaurus Chicken, Honeysuckle (3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.)
JJ’s, Fayetteville: Chooch & the Sidehill Goughers
Jammin’ Java, Fayetteville: Outside the Lines (9 a.m. to noon)
Jose’s, Fayetteville: Boston Mountain Playboys
JR’s Lightbulb Club, Fayetteville: Speculator, Boy Friend
The Perk on Wedington, Fayetteville: Ames, Petet and Hart
Rogue, Fayetteville: Damn Arkansan
ROTC Grill, Fayetteville: Bill Dollar and Loose Change (7-11 p.m.)
Smoke & Barrel, Fayetteville: Honeyshine
Teatro Scarpino, Fayetteville: Big Bad Gina (7 p.m.)
Riordan Hall, Bella Vista: Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition
Las Fajitas, Bentonville: Jay Yates
Pied Piper, Eureka Springs: Grouv Therapy
Landry’s, Fort Smith: Chris Cameron
Neumeier’s Rib Room, Fort Smith: The Space Rockers (9 p.m.)
JJ’s, Prairie Creek: Bailey Ford
Bayou, Rogers: Tuesday Blues Project (9:30 p.m.)
JJ’s, Rogers: Ouachita River Band
Jose’s, Springdale: Earl’s Garage
Lil O’ Oprey, West Fork: Live jam
Downstream Casino Resort, Quapaw, Okla.: FOS Project Band, Sean Adair


Common Grounds, Fayetteville: Richard Burnett (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Greenhouse Grille, Fayetteville: Clarke Buehling
Lit Lounge, Fayetteville: Jody’s Living Room open mic
Smoke & Barrel, Fayetteville: The Fall Down Drunks
Terra Studios, Durham: Live music (1-4 p.m.)
JJ’s, Prairie Creek: Jovan Arrellano
Copeland’s, Rogers: Claudia Burson Trio (brunch)


JJ’s, Fayetteville: Chris Harp
The Perk on Wedington, Fayetteville: Open acoustic jam
Eddie Haskell’s, Rogers: Clint Scrivner
JJ’s, Rogers: Jeff Fox


JJ’s, Fayetteville: Jeff Fox
Rockin’ Pig, Eureka Springs: The George Brothers
Bayou, Rogers: Blues jam with The Larrys
Eddie Haskell’s, Rogers: Heather McCreary and TJ Scarlett
JJ’s, Rogers: Russ Hutchison
Jose’s, Springdale: Jason Strode Band


George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: He is We, The Wealthy West, David Ramirez
Herman’s Ribhouse, Fayetteville: Effron White
JJ’s, Fayetteville: Miller & Buford
Jose’s, Fayetteville: Dance Enhance karaoke
Mojo’s Pints & Pies, Fayetteville: Johny Arredondo Jazz Trio
Landry’s, Fort Smith: Sarah Huges
Neumeier’s Rib Room, Fort Smith: Mike McClure Band with Willie Strandlin (7:30 p.m.)
JJ’s, Prairie Creek: Jeff Fox
JJ’s, Rogers: Mo Brothers

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