Art Show Hits Sound Warehouse

Artist of the Month:
Nick Shoulders

Creepy paintings, awful friends
and live music part of experience

By Richard Davis
TFW Contributing Writer

Nick Shoulders will display his art from 6 to 9 p.m. today, at Sound Warehouse in Fayetteville. Music will be provided by Timmy Lane and The Motha Folkin Soul. Nick played along and answered some questions from The Free Weekly.

TFW: Let’s get the basic stuff out of the way. Who is Nick Shoulders? Age, rank and serial number?
Nick: Well, Nick Shoulders is 21 years old … as for rank and serial number, there’s just no telling. I’m told in his spare time, Nick makes sparkler bombs and tears ass around town on a little red scooter.

TFW: What can people expect to see at the Sound Warehouse showing?
Nick: At Sound Warehouse, you’re virtually guaranteed to see at least a few creepy paintings. I’ll be around there somewhere. My friends are awful, but they’ll be there, too.

TFW: How do you describe yourself as an artist? How would a supporter of Michelle Bachmann for president describe your art? How about a fan of the “Twilight” series?
Nick: Honest to gawd, I’m really new to the idea of presenting work in a gallery setting (that “gallery” being the very laid-back Sound Warehouse). This will be my first show in that regard. I’m curious to see how it goes. … I’m much more comfortable with commissioned stuff like tattoo designs and comics; the sort of junk that can get reproduced a gillion times. Both Bachmann and those morbid little vampire perverts would probably call me a cartoonist, and I might agree.

TFW: What inspires your art? Is there anything that uninspires you? Say makes you want to take a knife to a canvas or set color art pencils on fire?
Nick: I’m inspired by the simple things: corn dogs, booze, monster trucks, Motorhead, swords, boobs — you know, cool shit. I watch a lot of cartoons and B-horror flicks. As for setting fire and all that uninspiration jazz, I fucking hate dub step. So we’ll just leave it at that.

TFW: So it’s billed as the “Nick Shoulders fArt Exhibit!” on Facebook, and I’m assuming the f is intentional. Does it stand for fart, fart art, fuck art or all of the above? Do you have a love/hate relationship with art or are you trying to smack down some of the pretentious hoo-ha you find in some exhibitions?
Nick: Well, I’m probably just going to leave that one up to the viewer, though I won’t contest that I’m lacking in reverence toward the fine arts. Fart Art has a really nice ring to it though. I might have to steal that.

TFW: Are there any future projects you’d like to let people know about?
Nick: As for future projects, I’m working on some skateboard stuff, maybe a children’s book, that sort of junk. If you want to come see the premiere of my blues-punk band The Thunderlizards at JR’s (Lightbulb Club) on the 15th, you should save up $3. Adios, and see you ring-side.

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