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Speaking Proper Spanish

Generally, I agree with your view. But my question is why can’t we also promote the use and practice of PROPER SPANISH in this country?

Family Friendly

‘L.A. Noire’ takes GTA in new direction

“L.A. Noire” is the new open-world diversion from Rockstar Games, the developer behind the wildly popular “Grand Theft Auto” series. In short, this is a fantastic game, but it’s no GTA.


On The Clock

Each week in workshop, we begin with a 10-minute warmup exercise to help participants shake loose of the mental clutter of their day and open up the awareness that comes from a deeper place.



Here’s a smattering of what we have to look forward to — or in some cases dread — and a few predictions to go along with them:

Advice Advice Goddess

Under The Cover Of Nightclub

We were together exactly nine months when he called and suggested we go dancing. Ten minutes after I arrived at the club, he broke up with me.


Like Martina On Steroids

Betty and I have always tried to be out as much as possible. Every job I have applied for since our Holy Union, I have dropped the words partner or companion in the interview. I do not want to live in the closet.


'Tails' From The Shelter

Recently, the shelter took in 43 kittens in a two-day period. While many people have stepped up to foster these little kittens, there are still many more that need foster (or forever) homes.


Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale

Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale is brewed in the tiny village of Tilburg near the Belgian border.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: May 26 & Beyond

Risa’s words for the end of May and beyond

Commentary In The News

Upper Lip Is Hairy Business

Facial hair is making a comeback and in grand fashion.