No Excuse For Violence Against Transgendered

Over The Rainbow: May 12

Marcal Camero Tye was killed in the early morning hours of March 8 by a single gunshot to the head and from blunt force trauma caused from being run over by a car.

Two .38-caliber shell casings were found at the scene. Marcal’s body was dragged approximately 300 feet by a car after she was shot. Tye, who was well known as a transgender woman in Forrest City, Ark., was found dead by a passerby on a country road just outside the city limits, according to several media sources.

How many of you have heard about this gruesome Arkansas murder: a few, a handful? And why hasn’t it been all over your television screen, all over the front page of the local newspaper? For God’s sake, the FBI is involved.

The sheriff investigating the crime in Forrest City — St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May — has said he doesn’t believe it was a hate crime, just a sexual act gone wrong. He’s speculated that Tye’s body was dragged by accident with her being caught underneath the suspect’s car and not being pulled by a rope.

But Bobby, sir, how did she get under the suspect’s car? Wouldn’t that be the result of a .38-caliber gunshot to the head, sir?

A transgender woman gets murdered and dragged under a car and it’s just a sex act gone bad. No freaking way, buddy, ’cause it’s open season in the South on transgender folk!

Unlike the swishy, limp-wrested boys and the butch rainbow dykes, transgender folk take it too damn far! “For God’s sake Bubba, they want to be like us. Hell, they want to fit into society, marry our daughters and chop off things that hurt!”
Here’s what one enlightened guy had to say about the whole Tye “murder smurder thingy:”

“I consider myself  … a liberal. I have a degree from an Ivy League university. I support gay marriage. I refuse, however, to believe that surgery and hormones can make a man into a woman, nor do I believe that normal people should humor your own personal delusion about your gender.

“Transsexuals take a huge risk doing what they do to their bodies. I wouldn’t walk through south central L.A. in a Klan robe, and I wouldn’t walk through Brooklyn in a Nazi SS uniform.

“In the case of transgender people, I do blame the victim. They expect the world to conform to them, not the other way round. Now, you can do that, but don’t expect happiness and rainbows and flying ponies belching stingless bumblebees to appear out of nowhere. I wouldn’t beat up a tranny, but a lot of people would.

“Knowing this and still going through with the surgery is foolhardy. Getting a fake vagina and fake boobs will get you a lot of unwanted bad attention. So, trannies get murdered and beaten a lot. What the hell else do you expect?”

— Anonymous Internet response to the Tye murder

You can’t get more liberal than a man who believes in flying ponies who belch stingless bumblebees.

For Christ’s sake, this madness has to stop! If a woman runs past you down Dickson Street flashing her naked body in your face, YOU have no right to touch her. NO RIGHT.

If a transgender woman is working the wrong side of town at 3 a.m. NO ONE has a right to hurt her, let alone murder her. NO ONE. She did not ask for it! She did not chop things off to be pretty. She was born differently. Period.

There are all kinds of us out here in the world, boys and girls. All kinds. Get used to it. Learn from it. Live with it!

I want to believe there’s good in everyone, God in everyone, if you will, but then something horrible like this happens to one of us … and the dark beast turns around and stares at me and whispers: “What the hell do you expect?”

R.I.P. Marcal … May justice be served.


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