What The Frack?

“Gasland” Showing May 14

Natural gas extraction examined in documentary

By Diane Brandmiller
TFW Contributing Writer

In case you missed the Fayetteville premiere of “Gasland” last August, you will have another chance to see this Academy Award-nominated documentary on Saturday, May 14.

In “Gasland,” Josh Fox takes a tour across the United States and visits people in Arkansas, Texas, Pennslvania, New York and beyond to find out how they have been affected by hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a process of natural gas extraction involving injecting water mixed with hundreds of chemicals — including known carcinogens — into rock formations underground. The technique was developed by Halliburton and won numerous exemptions from federal environmental protection laws during the Bush-Cheney administration.

With a combination of humor and horror, Fox addresses rampant water and air contamination and ill health effects, including some famous scenes of tap water lighting on fire. The documentary was also winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Folllowing the film, there will be a meeting on creative activism, focusing on ways Arkansas citizens can protect the state’s land, water and air from gas drilling and fracking. There are already more than 4,000 fractured gas wells in Arkansas with 14,000 planned, including 1,730 new gas wells projected for the Ozark National Forest.

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